Anyone can explain

So I have 6 omegas. Im running EVE with Steam/Proton. Obviously… all 6 omegas I run from same launcher (I have no idea if anyone would run them any other way).

Far as I can gather… all 6 omegas share the same directory. I remember in the old XP days… I would run them in separate folders, as we didnt use the launcher back then, so if I had 3 omegas… I had 3 eve folders, but nowadays all 6 run via Steam so I assume we have a shared folder somehow (if not… can anyone clarify?)

Another detail, I used to have a profile for the alt omegas, they run a medium gfx setting and 1366x768 windows, while my main runs on 1920x1080 at high details. I used to run before 2 profiles as that, one for the main and another for the 5 alts. But with the recent changes I was forced to make 5 copies of the alt one, and kept the main as it was.

So, what happens at times… it doesnt happen all the time… I can load fine the 5 alts… and then running the main one crashes, and it says I have corrupted game files bla bla bla… but if all runs from same directory I would think all 6 would be affected the same way, so thats why my confussion on this.

Usually, I run the verify game files and it fixes whatever is bad and Im back playing, but every 2 or 3 days I get again the error, corrupted files, and just now I was running the verify integrity and it also crashed while doing it.

I have a Ryzen5 3600 with 48GB RAM and a RX6600 8GB… it should be way way way enough to play all of them, and I run a sysmon on my top bar where I can see that Im not reaching 75% cpu usage, so its not like Im bottlenecking or anything like that, or at least it has never affected me like this.

Any suggestions or ideas?

For characters, this might still be the case: Manually copy settings between characters and accounts
They are all in the same folder, just end with cryptic numbers.

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