Anyone else see the commissioning

My work is making me watch the commissioning of that ridiculous piece of rubbish HMS QEII.

Anyone else having to look at it?

Nope :thinking:


Nah. Cool ship tho.

Eh. Ive seen better.

Build a real carrier next time. One with catapults. :wink:


What would said catapults fire? Please say they will launch British nobility…

Doesn’t have to be at anything, just launch them to a place far far away. Except the Queen, she is cool.

Steam catapults used to assist launching Harrier jets from British aircraft carriers… until they sold all the remaining Harriers to the US Marines of course.

French Dassault Rafales :smirk:

Nah, how about some Super Hornets or F-35C which is the proper carrier version and not some silly overweight vertical landing version (F-35B).

No atomic drive?

It’s powered by a pair of gas turbines for high speed maneuvers and diesels for cruising. The MOD said it was cheaper to go with conventional power and I think the nuke haters said something about it too, plus not every country welcomes nuclear powered ships in their ports.

Still a shame though that it’s not a CATOBAR carrier (think US Navy and French carriers with catapults and arresting gear) which are more capable but also more costly.

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