Anyone have a 3000 NVDIA GPU yet? Share

I heard from the store 3080’s were back-order forever so I chopped off an am and bought the EVGA 3090. It runs EVERYTHING on my setup of a 4k and 3440x1440@100Hz with minimal fans at ultra. I like the tool that came with it also, PRECISION…I was using ASUS GPU tweak cuz I’m lazy and it only read 2 fans…lol? Still, no temp issues or anything…beautiful card.

I’m not bragging, this put a dent in my saving of savings…just experiiences with 3000 cards or a comparison with the AMD. Saltiness of lesser GPU owners will not be acceptable for example…thank you.

EVE IN RTX is special. Jita 4-4 looks like a plastered over billboard with neon lights and it’s blinding…, the only reason I lost a machariel, you took one of my 3 babies!!!

I like lights and stuff. aargghhh!

According to the screenshot your GPU runs at 210 MHz …
… and its memory at 405 MHz.

Not sure why it’s showing wrong numbers?

EVE does not make use of DXR and ray tracing …
… and remember to keep DLSS off when playing at 4k, otherwise you’re just cheating yourself.

I waited through EVGA’s line when they got that up and going. Picked up a 3080 FTW3 Ultra.

While raster performance is significantly better than the 1080 Ti I had, the performance with raytracing on (in other games) absolutely does not work well enough yet.

For Eve, I find that the new card doesn’t have any change on the game. Eve is still entirely CPU and memory dependent and in large fleet fight, I’ve seen things crawl as low as 16FPS. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great card that I expect will be great for December 9th, but it doesn’t help for Eve.

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I’m being sarcastic about the ray tracing but at least Minecraft can please me in that department…it’s glorious. Not really much of a gamer anymore, just build pimp PC’s.
Solstice your nature is that of a natural troll, Black Friday is FUN. I would have got a 3080 but they’re unavalable for the most part I’ve been told. Shortage on DDR6 …@Solstice_Projekt…wtf?

Grow up or go outside and tell yourself you’re not a clone in a video game, it’s your best course

I’m still trying to figure out the complexities of the ROG thing, perhaps you could be helpful rather than critical of anything rather than your own tunnel vision and lack of humour? Expressive and over-descriptive posts and ramblings…? Maybe?

None of your rants will return eve to the state it was… banging head against wall accomplishes nothing but a headache. OH and as far as the precision software, I have that tuned now.

Troll me about my cpu? Go ahead…I have a 3440x1440 and 4k. It reads the UWHD as it’s in port 1 and the memory is 3200Mhz. I’m all Nvme and I enjoy pimping more than gaming.

Suggest a cpu upgrade, intel. I will as soon as a board supports PCI 4.0, I want a samsung 980pro as I have all generations since 950 and 128GB of hopefully DDR5 RAM


I upgraded from a 1080ti also…still an awesome card I say and perfectly powerful enough for all modern games, if not on ultra settings. I made a wind farm for my 1080ti and it cooled it significantly but the noise.

I would have gone custom liquid cooling but they had announced the 3000 nvidia gpu’s… Thanks for the comment. The OP is my alt.

Im still waiting for my ASUS OC 3090 … I ordered it 17 minutes after official release time. I don’t know wtf ASUS is doing with their manufacturing. I read somewhere it takes them days to sign off a card due to the hardware testing, etc., but Im still salty about not having received my card yet.

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I’ve heard many stories of people in checkout and it disappearing…sorry man. You will enjoy, trust me. I was shocked to see it in the local computer store and when I was told the 3080 is a hopeless venture atm I thought and decided it’s good for my 4k and UWHD. I have no regrets…I keep repeating that however.

Cable management 1/10 and I’m nice to myself. Blower fan was the saviour for the 1080ti in a different configuration. It made my card 10C cooler when playing DOOM etc. I don’t know how you feel about headphone brands, those nari ultimates are NUTS.

Oh dont worry Im not concerned. Im using a 1080ti in my gaming rig at the moment, but I can’t wait to move it to my Debian dev box.
I also have visibility on the order so I know it’s not been misplaced … Im roughly in position 30 of the queue. Im starting to consider ordering an ASUS OC card was not the wisest choice lol. I should have gone with some of the other brands.

Really as there’s nothing that can touch this card/variation…anything with decent fans is a winner. All modrn games I have work at ultra and I use fan at 45% and it goes around 50C. Founder’s editions are pipe dreams certainly.
Put yourself on amazon and newegg mailing lists? As 3090’s are expensive there are more available.

I want a 3070 but then I’d need a new processor, which means a new mobo which means new ram. Which basically means a new pc. I think I may miss 3 series & wait for 4. There is not a game on market that makes me want to upgrade from 970 & that is saying something because that card is ancient mod teir & still going strong

If scam citizen ever gets a competent MMO off the ground then hey up but dcs & warrhunder run fine on 970.

I bet when scam cotizen does get out of alpha ect, that they release all their ship packs with gpus & processors.

All im going to say to that is ROFLMAO

Is it out of alpha? You know what I mean, when its mmo is released & I only in jest call it scam citizen.

I will call it by its real name Eve 2.0, I’m looking forward to it.

They have the venture in 2.0 but all the other ships are different & wis door is not blocked and u can walk into your ship.

The fps is like 15 on. 3090 though you gonna need a 4090 at least.

Not many then I take it? I was told 3090’s were only available in limited quantity and all others that are cheaper are way behind. If you want a 3090, they’re there…$3000CAD after tax…cyberpunk had no bugs for me, at least there’s that AND I found the free caliburn by MYSELF.

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