nVidia's 3000 series cards

Thought some of you guys might be interested in what’s going on with nVidia’s new 3000 series video cards. Looks like they’re going to offer a huge leap in performance over the previous generation.


Got any other source than Linus Nvidia Shill Tips?

Gamer Nexus tends to be more critical of hardware manufacturers (and often does some really in-depth testing), but he’s also tends to make overly long, 30 minute videos. He also advertises his merch, but isn’t as bad as Linus. Anyway, here’s his video on the subject.



I’ll believe it when I see actual real world test results and benchmarks. Marketing fluff alone really doesn’t say anything at all.

Those are priced very competitively, however. Can’t wait to see what Team Red is going to come up with.

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They sure do draw quite a bit of power. Especially the 3090 at 350watts and the 3080 at 320w.

Im interested in the 3080 but hesitant at it with only 10gb vram and at 320w but I am just going to wait for what AMD has up its sleeve with RDNA2/Big Navi

The PCB is deceptively tiny too, makes me wonder if I could somehow stuff one into a mini itx case with a waterblock on it but 350w plus a CPU is quite a bit of heat to dissipate and still run quietly with decent temps.

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Sucks to be anyone who just bought a 2080TI…

I have a friend who bought one on release, against my advice. I told him to wait a little while, and it wasn’t like his 1080 wasn’t a capable card, but he refused to listen.

Even now though he is defiant, saying he doesn’t regret it.

It’s still a good card. But the price will fall and people will feel the loss that comes with technical inferiority :wink:


Too much for my taste. I still run on an AMD RX 480, so the entire machine is idling at 50 W and becomes a 60 Watts light bulb when watching Netfilx and a 130 Watts light bulb running EVE Online.

One can only hope that NVIDIA and AMD can make something that doesn’t require a fission reactor to run.

I dono i play old games like eve, I can run 2 clients at 120hz max settings with gysnc on my cx oled and it runs fine on my 2070 super. The 4k 120hz 422 12bit or rgb full hdmi 2.1 would be nice, but I sit 8 feet away from my tv which is only 55inch and 1440 is almost to small. I am not sure 4 120hz over 1440 120hz is worth the 5000 dollar tv you would need and 800 dollars of a graphics card that you can’t buy unless you go to the resellers.

For sure dude. I’m not getting price gouged by bots. I’d wait no matter what. And the fact that AMD is about to reveal their next series of graphics cards just gives me even more reason to wait.

And, yeah, you’re one gen behind with like a 500 dollar card. So, an upgrade wouldn’t make a lot of sense for you. I’m still running a GTX 1060, however, so something like the GTX 3070 would offer a significant increase in performance. But like I said, I’m going to wait. See what AMD does, let supply catch up with demand, maybe see what the price and performance of the GTX 3060 will be before making a decision.

That 1060 isn’t a bad card at all, especially for 1080, I use to have that, tho I didn’t play eve at the time, I am sure it could run 2 clients at 120hz 1080.

But yeah a 3070 would be a huge increase in fps, unless you are trying to do 4k. A 1060 at 1080 would get more fps than a 2070 super at 4k would. I am not even sure that a 3070 could do 4k 120hz 2 eve clients max settings, I get dips below 120 at 1440, and that’s not including jita where it can dip to 60. You would need a 3090 to get a min fps of 120 at 4k on eve.

If you are playing at 1920 by 1080 60hz a 1060 is more than enough. So just remember gpu is not the end all there you still need a monitor or TV, which cost more than the gpu.

Dont forget the ps5 also which is less than a 3070, which minus a few game like eve and pc specific games, will play any modern game better than a pc for 400 dollars. So unless you have specific needs I dono if a upgrade would be worth it :slight_smile:

I never understand why people are concerned about how much power a gpu uses? I mean not that long ago we all used 100x that running a house full of bad efficiency light bulbs. I mean not only that these gpus you are talking about are expensive 800 to 1300 assuming you can get one, but we will.

Its like buying a truck for 60 grand and going well God damn desiel fuel is expensive lol.

So for me let’s see even if you left that baby on for a solid 30 days, and managed to peg it which I dono how unless you are benchmarking, but I’m going with high numbers here 600 watts. You are talking 60 dollars a month, which isn’t very realistic no ones gonna peg a pc for 30 days cpu and gpu. So the more realistic number is 30 dollars if you played 24 7. Now the more real world number, because not many play 24 7 is 13 dollars that would be 8 hours a day every day for a month which again not many do.

We are talking pennies differnce between that and another gpu. Lets use the 1060 which uses like 150 at max, which would save u something like a dollar. Unless you are paying like 2 dollars a kilowatt then I suppose it might mean something, which at that point u would be better off with solar panels lol… My electricity is rather expensive compared to most at .18 cents a kilowatt. Maybe if you were trying to run that computer off a desiel generator.

Bear in mind that there will be a 3rd competitor in the market this fall with the Intel Iris Xe family and Intel may choose to buy market share with aggressive pricing.

If the card you have is doing the job, you can probably save a lot of money by waiting until all 3 competitors are in the market and the prices stabilize - probably around Christmas.


I don’t care about how much it costs to run as it’s pretty much negligible. I’m more concerned about heat generation as it gets pretty hot where I live and I also like to stuff these monster cards into mITX builds for small mobile PCs in which heat dissipation can be a concern as you don’t have the space for larger heat sinks or radiators

The power supply comment has more to do with whether you will need to update your computer’s power supply along with the video card.

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You’re the second guy who said something like that. I’m not sure why everyone thinks TV’s are so expensive. Sure top of the line OLED TV’s are expensive, but I recently bought a 4k 50in Samsung with good customer ratings, a good response rate, and a “decent” picture for 400 bucks. And quite frankly, I’m quite happy with it’s picture. Perhaps I could tell the difference in a side by side comparison, but it looks good to me, and I certainly have no complaints.

For any shopping around for a TV, check out Rtings.com. They do in-depth testing on things like contrast ratios, color accuracy, response rate, viewing angles, and all that stuff, and, unlike some reviewers and websites, they don’t give me the distinct impression that their integrity has been compromised by review samples, amazon affiliate profits, and/or good old fashioned kickbacks.

And, yeah, the GTX 1060 is holding in there. I can run most games at 1080p 60fps with medium settings. I can even tile 4 Eve clients at 1080p on my 4k TV and get 30fps if I turn down my graphics settings (I turn everything down as low as it can go except the shader, which I leave at the middle option). I wouldn’t say that it’s more than enough though. It gets the job done, but I am having to sacrifice graphics quality to varying degrees depending on the game. Oh, I also record, so that can hurt my frame rate as well.

It matters if you have to upgrade your PSU to run it. Also, gaming rigs can produce a crap ton of heat. I don’t try to stuff them into micro ATX cases or anything, but a multimonitor setup with a hot ass video card in a bedroom or office can act like a space heater. In fact, that’s why I moved my rig into the living room. Four or five hours into a gaming session and it would be like 5 degrees hotter in the room. I could actually feel the difference when walking in and out.

Well my oled cx 55 inch i thought was expensive, it was 1499 on sale. The next cheapest is a nano cell, which for 55 inch is like 900 ish depending. The 49 i have was 600. You can definitely tell the difference with out them being side by side. Samsung is alright if you sit directly in front of it with a perfect angle. Rting is a good site indeed. Which shows most importantly not colors but response time and input lag. Which I went 120hz a long time ago, and the only tvs with 120hz gysnc are expensive. I guess tho a 600 dollar 49 inch tv isn’t a bad price, it does 1440 120hz. The Samsung verison last time I checked was like 800 thr q60 which is the only one I found with 120hz 1440.

I dont go monitors any more I spent to much time taking them back to the store, they have really bad quailty control for monitors which I assume is because they don’t sell as many monitors as tvs.

That is true didn’t think about the heat, been dealing with it for so long kinda just took it for granted lol. But since we are talking big money spenders buying 3090s and 3080s, u can easily get rid of the heat by using a radiator stack they sell, and putting it some where else.

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