I told you about RTX 2080

Like over a year ago, when the RTX 2080 was released, I told you guys that the RTX 2080 model is an experimental one, a transitive one. You can use the GTX 1080/Ti for the next 2-3 years without issues. Multiple tests, already available on Youtube, just confirmed my assumptions about this by shown near the same fps and in some scenarios even worse fps.

Like a few days ago, nVidia announced a new model RTX 3080.

Looks like it’s the Thing! A next generation videoadapter standard! Here’s an example of its performance:

As you maybe know, the RTX 2080Ti price can vary between 1500$ and 2000$. The funny moment about it is that RTX 3080 has two times better performance, at the price of 600$-700$, compared to the RTX 2080. The RTX 3070 at the same performance costs around 499$. :smiley:


What does this have to do with EVE Online?

Block coming for non related crap!!!

It’s awaiting the departure to the Out of Pod Experience :smiley:

BTW, you can do just gorgeous EVE streams of big 0.0 battles.

Woah! My thread was hidden by the guys which bought RTX 2080Ti this summer!?

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A noobish EULA bait confirmed. Too boring.

What is boring is a thread on RTX 2080

Actually it’s a thread about RTX 3080. But yeah, a RTX 2080 thread is boring.

The point is that in the next few years almost every desktop PC will have a videoadapter with the described specs. Just take it as “patch notes” :slight_smile:

It was nice to talk with ya’ lad. Have a nice day!

Grats, mate!

Was it your first time? :smiley:

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