2080ti, worth replacing 1080ti for RT?

I have a 1080ti and it’s good (minus the heat when running new games on a UWHD) and saw the 2080ti was only slightly better with the additional of DDR6 and ray tracing.

I’m all about pimping out my computer, but is it worth it as I haven’t really read what ray tracing is. If I bought I surely would waterblock it, no more of this worry of fans and monitering temperatures when playing games, even xcom2?

Performance wise 1080ti will bridge you to next nvidia gen. It is trailing 2080ti some 20%.
Ray tracing is eye candy and will tank card performance brutally.
Ray tracing is here to stay current nvidia GPUs are laughably underpowered for the task.
My opinion…I wouldnt.
But if you want to support them and money isn’t of any consideration go for it.

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