Apocalypse Now: The Final Delve Drunk Fleet

This Friday, August 6, at 2300 in-game time, the Grand Finale Friday Night Fights Drunk Fleet by War Eagle Fleet will take place out of T5Z in Delve. If you have ships to donate to the cause, BRING’EM! Our goal will be to burn whatever we’re not selling or flying out in grand fashion as we say farewell (for now) to FOB DELVE.

All PAPI/TAPI are invited to join us for one hell of a good time and we look forward to the Goon enemy seeing us off! Deets below! FLEET UP!!!

Fleet: Apocalypse Now
Form: T5Z Keepstar @ 2300
Doctrine: Multiple Sink - Fleet till you drop! ALL SHIPS WELCOME
Comms: MOTD
What to Expect: Lots of fun, open comms, and a good way to send your ships off with honor!

Please contact Gideon Golgothus directly if you want to donate to the cause. ALL DONATED SHIPS AND MATERIALS WILL BE USED FOR THIS FLEET AND LITERALLY NOTHING WILL BE SOLD OR SURVIVE.


Don’t miss this Friday!! We have ships of every size ready to bang!


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