Apparel General Thread

Well, the only thing you can do is keep checking the Market and Public Contracts. Can also check the forum section - Sales Ads.

Actually there’s one for sale it it right now. A bit high priced…

where does it drops in game btw ?

I don’t run Trig content so I don’t know, possibly loot drops from Trig ships or maybe from cans in Abyssal space.

I do know that some of the Trig apparel items, the ‘Proven’ ones, were gained from the arena matches.

Anyway, best advice I can give you is to just keep checking the Market, Public Contracts and the Sales Ads sub-forum.

Sad is that we only had one color variant of the pants so far this year and have no signs of any more upcoming apparels.
Has CCP forsaken us ? :frowning:

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Yeah, it’s sad…

Personally I think they should rotate the Apparel items in the NES to sell some of the older stock items.