Apparent issue with criminal mechanics

(Keno Skir) #42

@Krysenth (forgot to reply directly to you)

Well in my system the Logi can only rep the non-criminal guy, regardless of LE flag. When the limited engagement goes up between the non-criminal and the criminal flagged guy, the Logi can then rep the non-criminal one because it would count the same as engaging the criminal directly. If the Logi shot the criminal, that would start a limited engagement between them, but would still not allow logistics from logi to criminal without suspect flag. Logistics would be legal only if directed at the somebody with no Criminal flag who is fighting someone with a criminal flag.

If two non-criminal engaged in a LE flag (duel), there would be no criminal flag present in the fight and therefor any logistics goes suspect.

Am I correct in my thinking dya think?

(Solstice Projekt) #43

You can’t rep -5 or lower, or criminals with GCC, in highsec.

edit: two ■■■■■■■ months. :angry: *throws table*

(Dom Arkaral) #44

You necro >:(

(Autum Knight) #45

SO why does this timer apply to an orca giving mining bonuses? or shield reps against pve opponents??
This is just lazy mechanics nothing more, CCP made the decision that one line of code for all the ‘catch all’ Logistics possibilities was enough and simply cannot be bothered to spend more time or money on changing it…