Apparent issue with criminal mechanics

Go whine in one of the half dozen “boo hoo bumping” threads. Most of which I’m pretty sure you’ve started.

Actively using a module against someone can get you flagged or Concorded. Casually bumping into someone doesn’t count.

CCP mentioned years ago, the possibility of limiting the amount of time you could spend “in warp” before your ship just takes off regardless of alignment. The idea being to stop “bump tackle”. And guess what… years later, they still haven’t done it. Does that say anything to you? Like maybe, they like it the way it is?


Man I’m so sick of seeing people bully @DrysonBennington on the forums. Just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t mean you should treat him with this kind of disrespect. I see it all over the forums. He’s constantly outnumbered and he still has the integrity to stand alone and emphatically state what he believes in. He deserves some respect.


Limited engagements were part of the solution of the problem, see that video at 41:15 onwards.

I’m OK for 3rd party logi being flagged as suspect if the ship being healed is a suspect, but if I am shooting a bad am I’m not a suspect my logi should not get suspect timer, should get a limited engagement flag to the one being shot by me.


Maybe it’s b/c…

Everyone is getting tired of him and his friends beating a dead horse.

Bumping is not the same as Scrambling. Yes, I agree it counts as a form of “tackle” b/c you’re preventing the other person from warping. But you aren’t using a module against them, which means you can’t flag anyone involved who just happens to be crashing into someone else.

There are LOTS of ways to avoid being Bumped and juggled all day. It just requires having friends. The only people who cry big fat tears over being Bumped without recourse, are people who want to solo their MMOs.

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If you were really tired, you would stop doing it (bullying).

Everybody is lacked of your useless posts playing the tough guy on the forum “HTFU” . Well people just stop posting on the forum. Because they are tired of your trolls.
Eve is supposed to be a game for mature people, not for school bullies.

All your post says is that you feel entitled to be assholes just because you don’t agree with someone. Well that does not make you less of an asshole.


And what do you suppose, a mature player would do if they’re getting bumped in their Freighter as they attempt to slow boat their way along a common trade route?

Do you think they’d get some friends to come help? Either by trying to distract the bumpers so they can get away. Or even better, having those helpers come Web their Freighter so it can get away that much quicker.

Or… do you think they’d alt-tab out of the game while their ship is getting juggled, so they can proceed to make thread after thread, and post after post after post… Whining and crying about how unfair it is that they can’t solo slow boat without being picked on.

When the whole “playground” is telling you that you’re doing it wrong, that doesn’t mean the whole “school” is full of bullies. It means you’re a crybaby.

And the reason we keep correcting you guys in each thread where this drivel shows up, is because you keep making the same flaccid arguments every chance you get. This thread didn’t have anything to do with Bumping, it was about Logi turning Suspect for trying to help someone kill a Criminal. But Benny decided it was a good time to cry some more, in the hopes that maybe someone would side with him this time instead of reminding him that a few of his “boo hoo bumping” threads have been closed and locked because the topic was argued to death.


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The only person ranting about bumping is you bro.

Those threads were closed because of personal attacks and trolling. Which is exactly the type of vitriol you’re bringing into this thread.

This is typically the full BS ppl are tired to argue about, because we tell you tens of times you are wrong, and you don’t care.

The truth is that even CCP agreed bumping was an issue. You only refuse to agree on that because you know the moment CCP address this issue, you won’t be able to kill freighter as easily - meaning you’ll need to be ATK like all other activities.
The moment you write “there is no issue”, you are spreading BS because it goes into your personal interest.

THAT is the truth, you have no argument whatsoever, just an interest that makes you as interesting to talk about as burger king about nutrition.


You mean, 3 years ago when they mentioned setting a time limit on how long you can get bumped around? And 3 years later… you’re still getting bumped around. If they really thought it was an issue, they’d have fixed it by now. Just like if they thought Cloaks (the other topic you guys cry about incessantly) were a problem, they would have fixed them by now.

Benny is the one who brought Bumping into a topic about Logi flags.


but he’s the one bullying his opinion onto everyone else?! He even jumped in here shoving it down everyone’s throats despite it having nothing to do with the topic! The only bully i see is him!


hmph, ok now that several posts are flagged as off-topic(by me, and hoping someone @ISD removes them) can we get back on topic? (which btw is what mature person does, ignore the off topic stuff and flag it instead of responding to it)

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Could someone knowledgeable tell me what happens when there is a logistics ship and second ship, both of which have fired on and have a limited engagement with the same target, if the logi tries to rep the second ship? Does it still get flagged suspect?

Check the bottom of this article for more information. Bumping in PVP is not considered to be an exploit, and regarded as a valid tactic for preventing warp.

The three minute timer that was talked about was primarily to prevent people from getting snagged on LCOs and other environmental assets while in mission / deadspace areas.


There is a fun way to not get that timer but I CBA explaining it and the info is 3 years old so might have been patched

Go back to one of your many bumping threads Dryson, nobody cares over here either.

Obviously not. The law is on the side of the non-criminal guy, it’s not supposed to work both ways.

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What’s to stop logi from tagging the criminal to generate the LE timer, and then proceed to do what logi does best? (other than die horribly due to FC mistakes)

Can you clarify a bit?

eve online act like alcooholic`s wife. Husband was drunken so wife can give herself right to screw his head, call him idiot, drunken husband is explanation for everything, cheating, liying. It is not criminnal but sick mechanics.


Anything you want to share with the group Kuba?

Shoot him with a civvie gun to trigger a Limited Engagement timer, proceed to rep him for the rest of the fight without going suspect.