Appreciation for the support team

I just want to give praise where praise is due. GM Wusten and GM Bunny have helped me out as a starting player and I wanted their efforts to be acknowledged. They were professional and seemed to genuinely care about my enjoyment of this game. I don’t know how else to get a message to their superiors to let them know they are doing a great job. Thanks for all your help.

Semper Fi,


The unsung heroes of our time.

GM support team.

EVE online.

I have not needed supports help in soooooooooooo long now. (Thank gawd) BUT when I did, they were great!

Difficult to say, last time I used them must have been at least 10 years ago.

Took awhile to answer but found the help ok.

10 yrs would be about the same. (I don’t whine, I learn how to not f up) But I whined anyway. I yelled at the dude “DO YOU EVEN PLAY THE GAME?”, he yelled back “YES I DO”. (those were great times!) I apologized, it was in the end my mistake. But he gave me my ship back anyway. I have nothing bad to say about support. I just seem lucky enough not to need them anymore. But their not forgotten. o7

I remember the time when after few days of playing the game, GM talked to you in chat, asking do you enjoy the game? Do you have any troubles? What is your experience and so on … _ good times.

They’re not whales either.

Eve GM’s work on a whim by their own admission, corrupting the sandbox with each unjust reimbursement.

Its their inner self-image though, poor things

Thank you for your kind words @Hueby1 , GM Bunny and me send our best regards.

Enjoy the game!


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