April 2019 Release - General Feedback

(Ageanal Olerie) #127

The best PvP is consentual PvP.

Granted having some element of danger puts some excitement in the game, however when players who are simply trying to enjoy some of the non-PvP aspects of Eve are perpetually being ganked and forced into PvP encounters (being those who are typically not experienced with PvP and have little interest in getting experienced in it and so will always be at a disadvantage), then it becomes a terribly un-fun experience.

CCP either needs to provide means for non-PvPers to actually fight back and defend their ships, structures, and activities (without having to rely on all-too-often ineffective allies), or simply making it more difficult for the bullies to pick on the little guys.

Ideally you’d want to do the former. Which might entail making structures more defensible without being a PvP expert or fielding giant defense fleets, and the like. The problem is… when the encounters become more risky for the bullies, they don’t want to risk their assets, or lose more assets in the process of bullying. Though it would be great for the economy if they could still expect a win, but it would simply ‘cost’ them more in their own assets to actually win like that.

It’s a difficult balance, between pushing people away from the game because of continual harassment, and making sure things still go boom to keep the economy functioning.

Perhaps they might consider more non-PvP ISK / material sinks. Like upkeep costs (not just in ISK though, but in materials), and other things which require game-play rather than just throwing ISK at it.

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(Joia Crenca) #128

I like the Caldari lighting myself, but I can see how it might be darker than others enjoy. I would really like to see the old Quafe/Pleasure Station hanger return, as well as others like it.

(Havis 911) #129

Incursion Focuses are not respawning after the patch, CCP plz fix it.

your fellow Incursion FC

(niki lasvegas) #130

^ Can confirm.
Probably something to do with the nullsec spawnrate changes again.
This has already happened in the past.

(Spitfire1938) #131

Can’t wait to try it

(DeMichael Crimson) #132


  • This release sees the first update of an ongoing iteration of hangar visuals. Hangars have now been moved over into our Space Object Factory system, which improves maintenance and allows easier updating of the visuals going forward. What you will see is brand new lighting! The lighting has been reworked with a focus on the ship, with more contrast, color and life being the order of the day.


You guys must either be scared of losing your jobs or you’re just plain bored. Either way, there’s no reason to mess around with stuff like that when there’s lot’s of other stuff in the game that needs to be worked on, like reducing the damn graphics heavy lighting you guys placed on the outside of stations.


  • A new monument honoring the journey of Katia Sae has been erected in the Saisio system by the Achura Stargazers Society
  • Planet Yulai IX has been renamed to Yulai IX (Kjarval) in honor of CCP Guard.

I’m glad to see this has been implemented and I wouldn’t call it Miscellaneous. This is definitely a great addition to the game.

  • The Impetus Glamourex boosters now have an expiry date. The last date to safely consume them will be October 6th 2019.

Why was this change implemented? It’s not like there’s a ton of these available. It was a special gift and something that should only be used for a special occasion, such as first run all Epic Arcs but don’t complete them with agents, then consume the social boosters and then visit all the agents and turn in all the arcs for massive standing boost…

It seems you guys are constantly messing around with small stuff and keep ignoring the big stuff.

(DeMichael Crimson) #133

OK, I checked out the Hangar lighting and raised the ‘Brightness’ setting a little in Esc menu. Can see everything just fine and it all looks good.

I did notice there’s a lot more electrical short’s happening on my docking bay now, maybe should bring ‘Scotty’ the Docking Manager back out of retirement.


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(Circumstantial Evidence) #134

I have a feeling they are going to make it non-special, by issuing it again on special occasions, or drop as rare loot in future seasonal Events. They can also do things like nerf the stats of future editions. They have done this kind of thing before, for the Spirit SKIN line - YC date was stripped from the name. From “special” to non-special, and the SKIN’s have been re-issued a few times.

I make named and dated cans for special loot, so I can remember where XYZ item first came from. Its getting more and more important to sort things, because the Special Edition Commodities category is getting huge, and “EVE is forever,” right? CCP can change an item, but they are not likely to change the container I put it in :wink:

(Latista) #135

Oh my god, maybe you will have to corp your logi behind ! Oh my god, maybe it will be less easy for you ! Oh my god, you will descover a new world ! Oh my god, you are lucky !

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(Sepheir Sepheron) #136

Regarding the glamourex boosters, they are completely overpowered and should have had an expirey of one month. For a measly 30 mil on a potency 50 you can straight up decline anything that isn’t the mission you want doing IVs. With the 75 you can do that with Vs. And it’s not like they last a couple hours, they last TWO DAYS.

(DeMichael Crimson) #137

Yeah that’s true.

Course if it becomes commonplace drops in Events, then it’s no longer ‘special’ and yeah, needs an expire timer.

However, the social boosters currently in the game were a first time issue and only a limited amount of them were distributed. The Nex-Gen of Social boosters can have the timer on them.

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(DeMichael Crimson) #138

Doesn’t matter if they’re overpowered, there was only a limited amount of them distributed into the game without an expiration timer. That right there makes them valuable and over time there wouldn’t be very many left.

So now that special Christmas Gift is no longer special because CCP is too lazy to code another type of Social booster.

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(Sepheir Sepheron) #139

Yeah until someone hoards 500 of them and has effectively 1000 days of 700k LP/h. It had to stop, it was too much for a ‘free gift’ that people ended up selling for so little without knowing what it can do.

(Seniors) #140

Most impressive low-end nerf ever, following after alphas content nerf… Nice job, CCP! Gila nerfed, VNI nerfed. Ferox now is clumsy crap having +10% to signature radius compare to ANY (!!!) regular BC! And thats - keeping in mind - Drake did nerfed to ground already long ago…
Looking at recruitment program x3 SP increase - do you expect, some1 to be so crazy, to invite friend for this? Would like more “new blood” to pay for old players efforts? Like child said: “I`m not so dumb, to still be nothing after half-a-year in game…”

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(Rita Torres) #141

Thanks for making mining in a rorq not fun. will be dropping from 4 toons down to 2 waste of time. also nerfing the ships for rating is the stupidest thing u have done in a long time. You are supposed to be making the game better not worse!

(Aeri Orlenard) #142

Central economy model? Why not laissez faire?

(Maud) #143

I like the general idea behind the lighting changes in stations/citadels, however, the overall brightness is too low, especially when you’re playing during the day.

It is, however, nice to see less obtrusive ad boards, however, in their current state it looks like they’ve been made intentionally too dark because a fair number of players dislike them.

A suggestion would be to balance the station/citadel/ad lighting and give players the option of disabling ad boards within stations/citadels.

I for one never look or read them and just find them an eyesore!

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(CCP Lebowski) #144

For this read: “goes home when his work day is complete” :smile:

I’ve responded to your questions, if you have any more cogent points to make I can speak to those too, but I didn’t really feel like there’s anything I can add when your responses have been a combination of accusing me of lying or saying that I’m wrong without any evidence to back it up other than your own specific subjective experience.

Thanks for the discussion though as always, I hope you find a future path to piratical enterprises!

(CCP Lebowski) #145

As things stand this would be our most likely option if we were to act on this in the future. It has complications in regards to defenders also declaring offensive wars while having allies, and thus intentionally dragging allies into other wars. That would also mean that an attacker in a war could essentially have allies via an obfuscated back door, making that whole system murkier in general which is not good. The advantage of the current system at least is that its comparatively clear.

(Aroye) #146

Could we have customizable hangars so we could adjust the light level and turn off the adds for example? I think a lot more players will be happy if we could only tweak the settings a little bit. How about interior skins while you are at it? :slight_smile: