April 2019 Release - General Feedback

The April release is a huge disappointment. Overall this release lacks vision and any new value for players. I’m especially disappointed in the changes to the rorq. I’ve spent so much time training and building this thing only to see if turned into an unbalanced risk vs reward endeavor. A rorq cost x20 a hulk for skiff, not to mention the training. There is absolutely no point to this now. I used to believe they were viable with consideration for the added shield boost to withstand fleet attacks long enough to call in help. CCP has basically put the Rorq in the same category as the Orca in terms of null/sov, risk vs reward - not worth it.

Please roll back this release, rethink your vision, and begin adding value for players. I don’t see may positive comments on this release, so why do it?

Build a vision! Be creative in adding new content for each profession, increase points of interaction for players, make professions endless in scale and content, add new ships, new skills, new training. Add tournaments to reduce mineral overages, rather then nerfs. Address botters in the right way. And please, please stop listening to the few and avoiding the many.

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Once upon a time, eve expansions and updates were a big deal. There was always a huge bump in players coming back to see what was new. Now days, one ho hum update is followed by another ho hum update, with each “expansion” taking Eve farther and farther away from its original vision. Consequently there is no longer any bump in players coming back to the game. At best all we get is a continual churn in new sp farm alts, bots and other throw away side accounts. Things like alpha accounts, war dec changes, etc. . . were supposed to bring in the hordes of new players that were kept away from the game by its subscription price and harsh and forbidding nature. Its way past time that CCP pauses to reflect and asks where are these promised new players? Perhaps the original devs had it right; that there was room for a harsh game with a htfu attitude. And maybe its time to admit that the current dev’s philosophy of continually softening eve to chase after mythical causal players that never show up has been wrong headed. If only eve could be rolled back to 2010.


I wonder how EVE ONLINE WORLD TOUR 2019 is going to go? lol diablo immortal?

if you talkin about eve, you’re running dx 11, dx 12 support was delayed till august

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Not sure if clear is the right word, it’s counter-intuitive. You are in the same war, same fleet, same goal, but are not able to help each other.

This also kills playstyles I was thinking of. For example a roaming solo merc for hire. Now this would only work with corp hopping and more trust and effort than necessary.

In fact this feature rules make it more difficult for rather disorganized small defenders to band together. Shouldn’t a new war mechanic, which was introduced to help defenders, make their life easier and not create more “bureaucracy”?


I don’t know when it happened but thanks for fixing the issue that you could not trash items in a structure. Someone just tried to be a smart person and wanted to clutter my inventory in a specific region but I could effortlessly just trash everything. Really great fix. At least some good people still work for CCP.

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