Aradina Varren, Aria Jenneth, and Edward Adams: Slave Killers

(Jev North) #19

The ultimate responsibility for the lives of all aboard a ship rests on its captain.

Their chances were probably better in a ship being cracked open by these three people, than they were in the gentle care of Naup, anyway.

Who really wants to encourage him to use human shields?

(Che Biko) #20

I think this incident may have only encouraged him to use human shields more. The OP is a public ‘thank you’ letter, after all. And it causes some friction between his enemies. Maybe he even hopes this will bring Jenneth closer to Naupliusism.

(Aria Jenneth) #21

He can hope that, but. …

(Pieter Tuulinen) #22

Don’t you dare, Aria Jenneth. There are few enough people I respect in this cluster.

(Aria Jenneth) #23


Did it seem to you like I actually was tempted in even the slightest, Pieter?

I just wound up killing nearly 2k luckless souls just to try to get them away from him, and he goes and gets all smug and glib about it!

What about this could make standing by his side in any remote way attractive?

(Deitra Vess) #24

You do seem to cling to people/causes, then again I doubt it would be in you to cling to something exactly opposing your current side.

(Aria Jenneth) #25

I don’t quite understand why people seem to assume that I cling to people/causes for no reason.

Sure, I’m a little vulnerable to influence (though maybe less, with time). Kindnesses shown, present and past, mean a lot to me. But I don’t follow the Directrix because she’s kind to me, though that’s of course an element.

It’s more like I follow her because she’s kind.

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(Deitra Vess) #26

Well, there was your sojourn (however you spell it), which was in essence clinging to a group to learn about them. That followed by you ending it to cling to Luna. Its understandable to think that isn’t a good description of it, but I’d imagine I’m not the only one to have that impression. Does that make it some issue? Naa, not really. It does however atleast attempt to explain why people see you as they do. Follow your own path. Signposts don’t always lead to shelter in a storm.

(Ilan Ardishapur) #27

A death in the vacuum of space is a godsend compared to what sick, and vile plans this twisted, bilious heretic had in planned for them.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #28

It’s regrettable that the one thousand nine hundred and ninety five slaves on board your vessel perished upon its destruction. Whilst one tries to minimise civilian casualties in wartime, it is an unfortunate fact of war that at times they will be caught up in the fray.

However, as Captain North stated, the responsibility for the safety of one’s vessel, crew, passengers and cargo is ultimately in the hands of it’s captain or master. To shirk that responsibility and pass the blame on to others for it’s loss, especially when choosing to depart under wartime conditions and in full knowledge that hostile warships were lying in wait, goes to show the reckless and indifferent rationale behind your actions. The vessel being unarmed has no bearing on whether or not it was a valid target during a period of hostilities. You even had the opportunity to return to the docking bay to save your vessel from destruction, but you didn’t take it.

Any attempt to lay the blame on anyone but yourself for the loss of your vessel is laughable at best and deplorable at worst. Take some responsibility for your actions for once, instead of searching for others to blame for your misconduct. As for any slaves recovered alive from future engagements between Hoi Andrapodistai and the Heiian Conglomerate, they shall be surrendered to the appropriate parties as and when appropriate.

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(Pieter Tuulinen) #29

Not really, Aria. My statement was more about the horror of the scenario than any belief in its chance of happening.

(Jason Galente) #30

There’s a pretty easy way to immunize yourself against that garbage though.

I apologize again for all my shortcomings

(Diana Kim) #31

I don’t know what to argue about. This is war. People die in war. Goods are stolen. People are kidnapped. People are murdered. All for the sake of “greater good” or whatever else. Welcome to reality.

Who is guilty in their death? Of course those, who were delivering blows. Whatever capsuleers like to say “If you undock smth, you lose smth”, is not universal truth. Even during the war people need to transport goods and personnel, it’s called logistics. And yes, transports get popped - in majority cases it’s not their captain’s fault. They are just these juicy mostly defenseless whales, that dogs of war love to hunt.

But in the end, it’s all completely irrelevant and absolutely not important.

What does actually irk me and made me to compose the reply - is that, as you yourself have called Mr. Nauplius - Mr. Million-Slave Sacrifice. He blames others in slave killing while he himself is the most famous slave killer.

I mean… Mr. @Nauplius, do you deny you yourself kill slaves?

Switching a bit address of my reply at this point.

Or is it like, only you, Mr. Nauplius, are allowed to kill slaves, and all others are filthy peasants, who shall kiss your feet and not even allowed to touch any slaves?

Yea, that’s the thing that annoyed me.

For Maker’s sake, Mr. Nauplius, If you commit X, don’t blame others in committing X. Especially when you commit X in open and brag about it.

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(Yarosara Ruil) #32

I dunno Miss Kim. Mister Nauplius was probably just guilt shaming his opponents with some reverse virtual signalling!

(Nauplius) #33

The problem is not that the three individuals in this thread killed slaves. The problem is that they killed slaves while all the while making war upon me because I kill slaves. Their excuse is that the slaves in my possession are better off dead, but they don’t really give the slaves a choice in the matter, do they?

(Deitra Vess) #34

The phrase “human shield” comes to mind.


(Diana Kim) #36

I have no idea what does reverse virtual signalling mean, Ms. Ruil. And I don’t know how you can shame anyone for doing something you yourself are proud of.

And what, Mr. @Nauplius? Or maybe you would like to claim you do give slaves a choice? As far as I understand the concept of slavery, they are just treated as property and their choices are not significant for their owners.

And, excuse me, who needs excuses after the war has already started?

If you have an honor, Mr. Nauplius, you shall reply on action with similar or stronger reaction. If you aren’t happy they declare war on you for killing slaves - you can declare war on them for killing slaves. Though, from my point of view, such act is nothing but bullying, where you “war” on someone for something they do with their property in their own jurisdiction. That’s what Gallente do, not us. However, when they kill your slaves, you have all the reason to go war on them. But this sort of… forum posting? That won’t give any profit. That will just make you a laughing stock. You might object to me that I myself often blame enemies in doing something - for example, in torturing PoWs. But these type of claims I do to show difference between us and them. Have you ever heard me squealing to gallente like “You kill transport ships in our high security space!!” - No. Because I do the same in their space.

So, go ahead and go on your war, Mr. Nauplius. Just when it happens that we will be on different sides, please don’t claim I fight you to “kill your slaves”, because I am like 98% indifferent about what you are doing with them. On the other hand, when we will be enemies, I will be looking to kill them, just because they are your property, your personnel and your military asset that you most likely will use against us in one way or another.

And yes, “human shield” tactics won’t work against me. Because I am a professional. When I see a target, I do pull the trigger.

Also, I am still waiting for your reply in the other thread.

(Yarosara Ruil) #37

Reverse virtual signalling is when you berate or criticize over a moral position or practices that you yourself practice but is considered to be bad form or socially reprehensible!

In other words, Mister Nauplius implying that killing slaves is bad when it’s done to undermine him because his detractors are averse to the idea due to their morals!

And aren’t your enemies always dissing you for being a loyal Caldari officer, something you are yourself proud of? Because if you haven’t noticed, there is something deeply wrong with IGS lately! People are always trying to score “good boy” points with each other, always pandering to the “good vibe” and shutting down or deplataforming anyone that doesn’t confirm with their idea of what is correct form!

Just this week I’ve been called all sort of things and got told I was dumb! Completely uncalled attacks to my person! Because the people that do that are a bunch globalist shills selling their agenda and silencing their opposition! Down with the IGS Cliques!

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(Diana Kim) #38

I agree with your sentiment, Ms. Ruil, except one part: it’s not IGS’s fault. It is just a place and it doesn’t promote anything bad at all. It’s just tiny group of the people, who are at fault. I won’t be calling their names and pointing fingers, for you know them very well already and “felt” what does conversation with them look like. They use IGS for slanders, that they don’t want to pay for. They are toxic and trolling people, who pretend to be “do-gooders” at every possibility. They are ungifted mediocrities, trying to pretend to be scientists and lashing out at those, who are better than them, like they did to you. They are the people, who descend to personal attacks the moment they run out of arguments and still want to disagree with you. But at the same time they lash at you the moment you insult them back, claiming that their insult of you was their “opinion” and you insulted them for saying it.

I try to think of Mr. Nauplius as of an honorable enemy or opponent, because unlike these pretending group he is open and honest about what does he do. Yes, he might be a murderer, he might be a criminal, whom I could just shoot on contact, but he is more of a person than all these people, and he is an opponent you can safely engage in debate with. That’s why I don’t like when he makes statements like these, which make him closer to this “clique group”.

And all these “good boy” points? What for? To stroke ego, when there is nothing else left to stroke? Our cluster is torn apart by wars. And in wars the winners are not the ones who are right. But the ones who are left.

(system) #39

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