Recovery of the Slaves of 'Havohej.'

He doesn’t have them anymore. Shortly after this debate in the off-topic thread, he contacted me offering to turn them over. Six men, two women, all citizens of the Amarr Empire. I made a snap decision and decided to take them. To save them from him. After getting advice from a few individuals on the how of the matter, I went through with it. They are currently in containment in the 24th Imperial Crusade station in Arzad. Doctors and therapists from both my personal staff and the station’s personnel have been examining them since last night and specialists in dealing with victims of Sansha’s Nation are en route. After they are fully cleared as safe beyond a shadow of a doubt, they will each return home.

As of now, everything seems to indicate these eight people were not harmed beyond being forced to do menial labor and being subjected to propaganda designed to try and steer them away from their Faith.

His reasoning for releasing them into my care was found out to be as follows:

That reason and the timing of the offer painted a clear picture to me. The debate his first quote is from played at least some role in his decision to give them up. It seems that, in this case, calling him out was effective.

While it’s true ‘Havohej’ is obviously planning on using this as a publicity stunt, I felt that nobody would be fooled by it and that freeing eight people from his captivity was worth it.


Confirming that I have turned my slaves over to Pilot Elkin.

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Well, congratulations on demonstrating your lack of actual commitment to your ‘work’. Honestly, the naked plea for good press is kinda… pathetic. Good on Arsia for taking advantage of it, but your only issue with being an Amarr-copycat slaver was ‘huh, this looks bad’.

Now that you’ve publicly divested… I’m sure you’ll quietly stock up again.


I had no issues with it at all, actually.

No need. On to other avenues, now.


UPDATE: All of the recovered individuals have been fully cleared and brought home.

I’d like to thank my friends in LUMEN and DT-HG for helping me bring them all home.

Despite being fully medically cleared, I have arranged for each individual to receive frequent medical checkups to ensure that… well… that we didn’t miss anything that might be dormant and undetectable right now. We can’t assume they will never innovate.

When dealing with victims of Sansha, one can never be too careful.


Thank you for turning them over, Havohej. May you now keep your hands off of anyone else.


The terrorist in question is a fair few things other than a Nationist, all of which cause his motives to be further suspect.

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