[ARC] Imperial stellar construction observation on-going


Consider this a brief alert to the construction of Imperial equipment, specifically deployed to Empire-held systems in Republic space in the warzone. These constructions are all at A0 blue stars, which suggests that the Empire may be constructing stellar observation or manipulation equipment given the historical trends involving those classes of stars.

While we are continuing to search for additional constructions, pilots have identified these efforts in the systems of Vard, Egmar, and Turnur.

More information as we uncover it.

In service,
Makoto Priano


If these constructions do indeed relate to the stellar technologies acquired from the Triglavian Collective during the invasions, then it makes absolute sense for us to explore the possibilities presented by reverse engineering those technologies. I think it’s fair to say that the successful harnessing of stellar energies would be a boon for New Eden, and help to even the score with the Collective considerably. It may even open the path towards reversing the damage they have done to the stolen stars someday.

The locations in which these facilities are being constructed may contentious for some, but so long as the terms of the CEMWPA agreements regarding rights of occupying forces within such territories are being respected, I see little cause for concern.


Ms… Cora? I would like to point out that, as somewhat of a well learned individual in stellar mechanics… Frankly, what damage? The observed output changes, thus far, are in ways that despite some of the Scope’s sensationalism with an environmentalist’s opinions brought up about ecological troubles… have done very little, now that does of course bring into question the necessity of bioadaptation work done by the collective(chances are it wasn’t that much a requirement of environment, but of their culture and plans for each planet), but the more pressing concerns generally are of the Spatio-Temporal changes in each system from the Liminality Loci, than the ‘transmutation’ and harvesting on their own.

As for harnessing stellar energies(it’d be more precise to say harnessing stellar materials, really…), we’ve been doing that for many many years. On smaller scales of course, but even, generally, if we were to say… harvest at a rate some… 100 times that which we see the Triglavians doing so? We wouldn’t expect to see any marked tangible changes that’d effect planets for generations at least, and some stars we’d actually see a marked benefit to planets in systems with high volatility stars…

That in mind, the specifics of these deployments is of some concern. We shall have to wait and see to learn more.

As a quick addendum about say, Skarkon II, as its an example I’ve had many point to in such arguments elsewhere. its our only actual source of a system and planet that got utterly screwed long term during the Invasions and after… what with the ecological collapse(attributed almost entirely to the total war on surface of planet II, constant use of WMDs and such and not the star’s output changing) and a data point of one, with a very clear cause unrelated, is a bad data point

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This will not stand with the Republic! First, you pacify our citizens in the constellation and now they are using this space to tamper with technology they think they understand.

Its convient that you could do this in a system and risk your own citizens but decide that this is where you decide to experiment.

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Absolutely. As someone involved in planetary industry, the potential for the industry to be expanded to stars presents a myriad of opportunities. There are understandable concerns that stellar manipulation may cause damaging effects to these systems, but as it is to my understanding that the Triglavian-built facility in Arshat operated at low power for months and there doesn’t seem to be any ill effects.

While the stars are not exactly the same type, being that Arshat is a type O1 blue star, it is understandable that these particular locations have been chosen, so that any potential negative effects from this experimentation does not effect the Empire proper. I can’t imagine that the Empire would want to offline the stargates to Vard, Turnur and Egmar through stellar manipulation, as they are still Empire holdings and benefit from capsuleers of most kinds having readily available access to them, but given the CEMWPA and the back and forth nature of these things, this is, again, a great opportunity to advance the field of system resource harvesting without any potential damage coming to systems in the Empire proper.

Should these efforts prove fruitful, I’m sure that these sorts of facilities will start showing up all over the Empire as well, which is something that I would be very interested in taking advantage of should the opportunity present itself.

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Well, some people seem very keen to break CONCORD and Edencom.

It would be good to get some statements from various parties of interest pretty soon. People might get jumpy what with past history with these things and Amarr keenness to employ badly understood superweapons.


If it was safe, or even just possibly neutral, there’s no reason these wouldn’t be constructed in Amarrian space. There are plenty of sparsely populated systems, lowsec systems, quiet out of the way places within the secure boarders of non contested Amarrian space for them to test this new technology out.

No. They are very specifically and ONLY being built in an Active Warzone. That endangers the project all on its own from the start and implies there must be a serious reason to put such projects in danger.

That reason is of course this is Not safe. The technology the Empire is playing with could potentially destabilize stars. This technology was key to the Triglavians Stealing Entire Solar Systems. These construction sites are placed where they are because the Empire knows if anything bad happens, well at least it wasn’t their own systems that would suffer. Just a handful of ‘Rebel Provincial Systems’ so no great loss.

This needs to be actively, vocally opposed Now. These are technologies and potential ramifications too unknown, too dangerous to be left in the hands of any one emprie. As much as I despise all of you, my conscience will not permit me to remain silent. The Amarr must not be allowed to monopolize this technology. They must either abandon it, or yeild it to a multinational force like Edencom. There must be agreements in place Against deploying these in to hostile/enemy systems.


The locations are extremely telling that the Amarr don’t understand the technology and fear what will happen if they ■■■■ it up. Which, in the grand tradition of poorly understood things, they will.


As far as I can tell, after much consultation, the Triglavian Stellar Harvester pulls Zero Point Energy from the star, this can be condesated, to produce ZPC. Blue star systems, as we discussed a long time ago, can be a good source of isogen, and the Triglavians can use high temperatures and unthinkable pressures from the associated Zero Point Mass Entanglers to form Isogen-5. There are several other possibilities as well. We have already seen Talassonite, Rakovene and Bezdnacine appear in Triglavian systems, but that might not be the limit of the application of this kind of technology.
In the same way that I can see Triglavians experimenting with the Empire developed version of their ships I can also see the Empires trying to source ZPC and Isogen-5 in order to bolster their existing fleets with Triglavian vessels and their variants as well as possibly trying to create new materials on which to found new technologies.

The will of the Empress seems rather clear. That is all that needs to be known for now.

Nevertheless, I do admit I am rather curious what this is all about, but until then, duty calls. ARC and all other interlopers must stay out of the Empire’s way. To our enemies who will inevitably resist, good luck and fight well.

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Didn’t think the money grubbing anti-Empress had it in her to start munching the stars the Minmatar think are theirs. Must be the threat of sedevacantism checking her degenerate, liberal instincts.

Whatever the case, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist welcomes this development, and commands the faithful to help defend the three systems in question. Munch, munch, munch.

Please go away…

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Your request is taken in the spirit it is given.


That was not a request.


Mm! Please do clarify what it was, then?


Tsk, Aldy. You’re usually more verbose in your requests to tell someone to go away. I’m disappointed.

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The construction of stellar-orbital structures around A0 stars, following the occupation of Arshat’s abandoned Porevitium Transmuter, speaks volumes as to the intentions of the Amarr here.

How will the other Empires, particularly the Minmatar, who clash with the Amarr over the same systems they’re building these structures in? Where will these experiments take the Amarr, technologically, especially if the possibility of collecting previously near-unobtainable quantities of Isogen-5? In the lens of the Upwell Consortium’s development of Vorton Projector technology after the re-disappearance of Hilen Tukoss, the ships and weapons they later designed, and their similarities to the purported superweapon Empress Jamyl I once wielded, what will happen next?

So many unknowns, so many questions~

I’m eager to see where mankind next takes itself, but also concerned that irreparable blunders might be made in the process - though the first feeling is emphatically the stronger of the two.


I have just conducted a military operation of the area in Vard and I can confirm that there was nothing of an salvagable interest at this time. Any Minmatar entities that interfere with this operation will be shot on sight. More follows.

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I don’t think Iso-5 is worth worrying about, the risk of it exploding during production is simply too great. The Triglavians have a stable Iso-10 culture that is probably superior. I would be more worried about the possiblity of the Empires gainng access to new materials.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

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