[ARC] Investigating reports of Triglavian Bioataption technology deployment on Sakenta III

Preliminary report by Zainou indicates Triglavian bioadaptation technology deployed on Sakenta III
–From the last SCOPE

This new development in planetside Triglavian operations warrants immediate investigation.

In the weeks prior to the deployment of Triglavian Dazh Porevitium Transmuter infrastructure in the push for procession to Final Liminality of target systems, we became aware of the mass kidnapping of civilian populations for the purpose of bioadaptive hardening against harsh conditions.

While CONCORD and EDENCOM have revealed nothing in regards to the details of the huge number of mutaplasmid-based bioadaption project subjects recovered from Triglavian planetary installations on harsh worlds, the fact of the effort’s existence speaks to a certain hope of some that the Collective seeks to preserve the populations of the planets orbiting the stars that are being subjected to their transmutation operations in liminal systems.

Illumination of the true nature of the bioadaption that now appears to have begun on the populated temperate world of Sakenta III will bring with it a greater understanding of the apparent compensations being enacted by the Triglav, in the wake of the stellar manipulations they seem to consider critical for the advancing-time survival assurance of their civilization.

The Arataka Research Consortium has enlisted the contracted services of Kirkinen Risk Control, in conjunction with ARC personnel, for the purpose of investigating the aforementioned report by Zainout Biotech - stating that this previously experimental effort is now underway in full operational scale, and is being applied to the civilian population of Sakenta III.

Despite the strangeness and now total silence in regards to the LDSS Aikiro’s Promise situation, in which the group is involved, Kirkinen has been determined to be the best possible choice for this operation when all factors are considered.


1 – Confirm the deployment of Bioadaption Technology
2 – Observe and document the effects of Bioadaption on already-affected civilians
3 – Determine if removal from environment will inflict harm on affected individuals
4 – If no: recover willing affected individuals for detailed observation, and treatment if necessary
5 – Report on Triglavian personnel types present, alongside Navka-automata variants
6 – If possible, recover samples of bioadaption delivery systems, components, and mutaplasmids

*Team members, while armed, are under strict orders to not instigate friction with Triglavian forces that are not in active combat, in deference to the passive-until-attacked noema currently expressed by the Triglav planetside.

*If civilian forces are encountered in active conflict with Triglavian Collective personnal, team members are under orders to provide support and evacuate & return with as many civilian combatants as possible aboard dropships at conclusion of mission.

1 – Investigate mechanics of Triglavian Bioadaption Technology deployment and application
2 – Observe effects of bioadaption on affected civilians in detail, in clinical setting
3 – Investigate routes for reversal, if effects are detrimental, with consent of affected indidivuals
4 – Auxiliary: Compare bioadaption mechanics with the New Eden Genome Amalgam

*The New Eden Genome Amalgam is a nanite amalgam containing the necessary material and encoding to establish and adapt a unique neural lace according to the genetic makeup of the subject. This asset is produced through designs recovered from the Geztic Shuttle, an anomalous vessel thought to be of Sleeper or other Jove Precursor origin, and if bioadaption is common between the two, then a link may be discovered, and more of the truth of the Triglavian Collective may be revealed.

Mission Approved : 2000 hrs, Sunday 19.07.YC122
[Approaching] Mission Begins: 1600 hrs, Tuesday 21.07.YC122 at //deployment locations redacted//
[Amendment] Mission Time Adjusted: 1600 hrs, Saturday 25.07.YC122

The operational goals of the Triglavian Collective in their Inavasions remain murky and obscured at this time, enough so that it affects ongoing planning and the decisiveness of any non-combat actions taken in Liminal Provings, regardless of alleigance. Illumination of the goals of the Collective in regards to civilian populations would confidently peel back a large part of the curtain, in terms of learning what the fate of those living in Final Liminality systems will be.

If bioadaption efforts do indeed turn out to be an effort at compensation for the stellar cousequences of the Collective’s operations, preserving the lives of noncombatants, the situation will evolve strongly - but if these operations turn out to be a further aggressive action taken against the people of New Eden, even some of the staunchest Triglavian sympathizers will be forced to change their pace.


I would rather the citizens of the State not have to be subjected to any “compensation” in the first place. The Caldari Navy has come up short, but were the invaders not supported by numerous traitors, these civilians would be living comfortably still. If this turns out to be biological warfare, then while I lament the fates of those facing it, it will be worth it if it wakes those capsuleers foolish enough to side with the Triglavians from their stupor, and the remainder of the State can be defended without their opposition.


I’m in wholehearted agreement with you here; the civilians planetside in any of these Liminal systems are subject to whatever happens in the heavens above them, and we wish to understand to the best of our ability just what the consequences of a Final Liminality are for those who have no ability to affect the outcome.


While I share your sentiment, I feel urged to rephrase your statement somewhat, comrade. We are all subject to whatever happens in the Heavens above us, except the poor citizens of invaded worlds whose presence God’s light is disallowed to reach (in more ways than one).

In a strange mix of faith and abhorrence, I eagerly await the results of this project.

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The procession of the system to Final Liminality has been completed. Therefore it is now imperative that we investigate and document changes that occur to both the system itself and any planet-bound environments and their associated populations, without exception.

I promptly await the findings of this operation, and strongly encourage further efforts of this nature within other Final Liminality systems. If my assistance is requested or required with this or other such operations, I am available to be contacted via standard means.

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Mr. Anteovnuecci

I am pleased to see ARC take the initiative on this important investigation. I will reach out privately to render assistance where possible.

Sahriah Bloodstone


I thank those who have expressed interest in assisting in this endeavor.

Preemptively, in light of some situational adjustments, the mission is being pushed back a number of days. Preparation is important and, while it is vital to gather intel as soon as possible, there are certain factors and planning that would be better served by taking things a bit more slowly.

In the meantime, we implore Zainou Biotech to share whatever information they themselves may have gleaned thus far regarding the situation; the more everyone knows about the intentions of the Triglav, the better.




Target Landing Location:

Objective Summary:
“Establish uplink and clone bank, investigate nearby areas, then proceed to the city.”

KRC “Seabeast” Clone Soldier Squadron:
– Haakittri, Takira - Squad Commander
– Majime, Saaito
– Yukiora, Lainni
– Pukami, Kilvi
– Kaasaki, Aoko
– Vijolen, Joutta
– Pebio, Nari
– Ishine, Giinjuro

“Seabeast Commander’s log, YC122-07-25, 1548 hours.

“We’re about to get underway. Getting into the planet’s orbit at all was pretty difficult, even in a cloaked ship - mostly the fault of one capsuleer faction who’ve set up camp in the system, snagging whoever’s slow enough to get themselves caught. I’m thankful that our contact has wiggled himself into a neutral position between the Trigs and EDENCOM, even if that makes his allegiances a bit uncertain - having to fight through the triangles on top of that gatecamp would have just made things that much harder, and might’ve made us dropping to the surface with neutral intent pretty much impossible.”

The sound of equipment being shuffled around is heard. In the background, two other voices are just able to be heard conversing, though their words cannot be made out.

“Research missions aren’t usually our thing, but these are definitely some new circumstances. All this talk of ‘Liminality’, ‘Proving’, ‘The Flow’, and now these reports of mutaplasmid bioadaption tech being deployed; things seem to be turning out just as our contact and their associates have been predicting, and now we’re being sent in to see just exactly what’s up. Majime in particular seems very excited to drop down and take a look - he’s been following news on the Trigs pretty damn fervently since the very beginning. Hell, he probably has a better grasp on some parts of what’s going on than I do. I’ll likely be requesting his thoughts during the operation, though in the end any choices that have to be made will be under my direction.”

An announcement smoothly broadcasts, the words of the ship’s capsuleer - thought given voice, the words reverberating through the ship:

All deployment preparations are complete. Please proceed to your positions, and ready for insertion.

“And so it begins. I wonder what’s waiting for us down there - and I hope to whoever’s listening that things won’t be the worst-case scenario so many seem to be predicting.”

“Commander Haakitri, over and out.”


"Seabeast Commander’s log, Transmitted YC122-07-25, 1614 hours.

“Launch, entry, and landing all went smoothly. Weather is pretty calm, a bit overcast, and definitely a bit cooler than it would normally be at this time of year. The sun is just starting to rise. Majime just finished establishing a link between our beacon, the clone bank, and our contact’s ship, and Yukiora is almost done readying our ground transports. The others are keeping an eye out, and we’ve already got eyes on our first location to scout out from here.

“Anyone nearby definitely knows we’re here, but it looks like our contact’s broadcast identifier is working. The Trigs didn’t try to intercept us, and no one is coming our way - yet.

“About 4 clicks north, there’s an outskirt farming district that should be very sparsely populated. The surrounding areas are mostly fields, all with their own automated combines. We can already see some underway in their daily operations, and a small group of individuals is visible at the second-nearest farmhouse through recon binoculars. Looks like a small congregation of 6 people, most likely residents of a couple nearby farms alongside this one’s operators.

“All on the farm looks pretty normal, save for one very visible Trig camp just a bit beyond the fields’ limits, out on a rockier plain. It looks to be centered on two 3-TTC Cladeships, with a couple of small buildings set up out in front of them, and a mid-size structure of some sort out in front of those. A couple of drones are floating around, moving some packages we can’t identify from here between a couple of vehicles and the center structure. No humanoid Trigs visible - or Narodnya, as Saaito says.”

A vehicle can be heard starting up in the background, followed immediately by another.

“In the distance, we can already see the city of Isukaan-Gamil. Five 3-TTC and two 9-TTC cladeships are moving slowly over the city, and one of those big Trig industrial ships - a ‘Dazh Stribozha’ 45-LTC - is hovering over the city center, with a lot of unidentified objects moving in and out of it, going between the ship and somewhere on the ground as far as we can tell. No way to know more until we get a lot closer - but we don’t see any apparent signs of struggle from here.”

A voice from behind: “Commander, we’re ready to move out whenever you give the go-ahead.”

“Roger, get everyone loaded up - I’ll join you in a minute.

“Commander Haakitri, heading out.”




1621 hrs
Pulling up to the farmhouse where that group is congregating.

1624 hrs
No hostilities. Engaging in dialogue with the civilians.
All appear a bit changed at a glance - dark visible veins, and darkened orange-red sclera.
Will send a full log shortly.


“Seabeast Commander’s log, Transmitted YC122-07-25, 1708 hours.

“I can now confirm the deployment of bioadaption tech by the Triglavian Collective.

“When our squad arrived at the farmhouse, we confirmed the presence of the 6 previously sighted civilians. This farm’s operator, his wife, her father, the couple operating the next farm down the road, and the older operator of a third farm a bit further out yet.

“We noticed some abnormalities in their appearances right away; all of them had increased visibility of blood vessels to some degree, appearing dark under their skin, and the sclera of their eyes had all taken on varying tones of grey reddish-orange. They had stopped talking when we pulled up, and all were watching us silently as we exited the trucks.”

The sound of a young child exclaiming playfully can be heard in the background, followed by giggling and the small running footsteps.

“Pukami was the first to speak up - he called out to the group and asked if they were alright, if they needed any assistance. Lereia, the wife of the neighboring pair, asked if we were with EDENCOM, and the others all moved back warily. I told them no, that we were here as an independent force, to find out what the Triglavians had been up to but not to challenge them or harm anyone, as far as was possible.

“They seemed to relax immediately, almost relieved. We found this a bit odd, but as it turned out, some ground forces under EDENCOM had arrived at a nearby district the week prior and had caused a bit of trouble - trying to take a number of civilians with them and entering armed conflict with Trig forces that led to the deaths of the EDENCOM squad and a friend of Leria’s husband. The Trigs definitely don’t want people leaving…

“Now, what we found out about the bioadaption:

“Nine days ago, on the 16th, the Trigs began their process - some time after an initial survey of the population. A group of hover transports arrived in this district in the mid-day. Each house was visited at pretty much the same time, but I’ll start with the story of the solo older farm operator - whose name is Weri. A Trig and a drone exited the vehicle & came to the door and, if you’d believe it, the Trig actually knocked. When Weri answered, he was somewhat cryptically informed that they had come to ‘invoke bracing for the coming struggle’, or something along those lines, and then insisted that he be fitted with a little implant. These things go on the left side of the neck, and they’re sort of melded with the skin as far as we can tell with a cursory look-over.

“Anyhow, when the Trig insisted on this, he tried to fight them, but was overpowered in an instant by the drone. Weri’s right arm was injured pretty badly some time back in a combine malfunction, and even though it was able to be saved, it became useless afterward - severe nerve damage. He was in a queue for some tech work to be done on it, but since he was functioning fine without it on his farm, it kept getting pushed back. Eventually he resigned himself to never having a working right arm again, and there was essentially nothing he could do to fight back against the drone.

“After spraying some sort of smoke to pacify him, the drone fitted the implant to him while he was unconscious. When he came to again he was restrained, and the Trig had only just clicked a second component onto the base of the now already installed neck implant. He started struggling again, which didn’t accomplish anything. He became nauseous and vomited, and felt like his head was buzzing or vibrating. The drone helped him to drink some water with one of its free arms, but still kept him restrained - all the while the Trig kept telling him to be calm, saying ‘the flow will carry you’.

“He cursed the Trig a few times, but eventually stopped. Then came the interesting part.

“Weri described a sudden painful nerve-burning sensation in his right shoulder, which he described as similar to the one you get in your funnybone when you smack it, and a couple of minutes later, he felt a buzzing tingling in the underside of his forearm - like what happens when you’ve been laying on top of a limb and feeling starts to come back after bloodflow retuns. He exclaimed that he could feel his arm, his right arm, and the drone gently released him a few moments later. Weri found that he could now bend his right wrist again, only ever so slightly - after more than four years of it being completely useless.

"The Trig told Weri to come with him, but he didn’t fight this time.

“They took him over to the farmhouse we’re at now - where the couple Toshhin and Yara were also being restrained by a Trig and drone, and their young daughter, Utaue - who had been suffering from a persistent virus of some sort for the better part of a month - was unconscious on the couch. Toshhin yelled to Weri and asked what was happening. He didn’t know, of course, but he told them that he didn’t think they were trying to hurt them right now, and told him about his arm. The couple was shocked, and began to calm down after a few minutes of talking - with the drone releasing them a minute later. They immediately went over to their daughter, of course, and the Trigs’ only order was that they not tamper with the implants - that doing so could hurt them.

“Leria, her husband, and their boy showed up soon after, kicking and yelling while restrained by yet another drone, but they settled down after some talking as well. Soon after, they were all free to do as they wanted - save for messing with the implants - they tried but could get little useful answers out of the present Trigs, and Yara drove Weri and the neighbors home soon after.

“The drones stayed at their houses to keep watch for the next couple of days. This is about the time they heard of what had happened in the next district with EDENCOM as well, and they’ve been in regular contact with their neighbors over there - nothing significantly different to report. As for the main city itself, Yara has told us that a lot of communications between here and there have been iffy since Final Lim set in - probably owing to all the EM interference the changing sun is throwing off - so there’s not a lot any of them know about what’s going on over there.”

“By noon on the 19th, Utaue was fully recovered and was running around with the neighbors’ boy. Weri had also begun to feel a tingling in his fourth and fifth digits - but around this time, everyone also began noticing the darkening and visibility of blood vessels, and the intensifying sclera coloring, a consequence of the increased visibility and whatever is being pumped through them. Each of them experienced periods of that head buzzing, nausea, dizziness, headache, palpitations, and other symptoms as the days ticked by, but everything would always subside after a short while. As worried as they all were, nothing severe has happened to any of them - and given the good things they’ve observed, all of them seem pretty complacent with the whole situation now.

“Weri showed us his hand, and by today he’s grown to the point of being able to lightly tense his fingers individually. This sort of recovery is seriously remarkable - and Majime has asked to take some blood samples back with us. I’m sure ARC will—”

She stops short as someone is heard calling urgently.

“Alright everyone, get ready - leave all weapons in the trucks here, don’t give them anything they feel they need to respond to!

“Commander Haakitri, over and out.”




1711 hrs
One of those Trig transports is arriving at the farm.

1713 hrs
Two Trigs and three Drones have left the transport. Stand by.


“Seabeast Commander’s log, Transmitted YC122-07-25, 1747 hours.

"We’re all fine here.

"The Trigs came by for two reasons - in response to out showing up, and to take a look at how the locals were doing. Of course, they came to us first.

"Our contact’s identifier worked out for us once again - after we identified ourselves and told them why we were here, the three drones stopped facing us, completely still, and started moving around - along with one of the Trigs. They went around and inspected each of the locals, looking at their faces, eyes, holding out their arms, and looking at the implant on each of them. When they got to Utaue and the neighbor’s boy, the Trig took out what looked like replacements for the top component of the implant - he gave one each to their parents, who were close by, and showed them what he was doing - uncoupling the original top from each kid’s implant and showing them how to attach the new one.

"Joutta has guessed that whatever mutaplasmid tech they’re using, it might need some more delicate fiddling when it comes to the kids - if they’re anything like the Jove or the Sleepers, young kids might not be much of a thing in the Collective.

"The other Trig came over to me and the others, and we actually talked a little bit. Majime asked if the drones were ‘Navka’ on their own, he was curious about that during Weri’s story too - and one of the drones actually spoke up and said that they were, which got him really excited. He also asked if the Trig was a Troika or just a Narodnya, and how Troika really work - he’s really into all of the things capsules have been talking about - but the Trig girl said that info on that would not be ‘illuminated’ at this time. She told us to not interfere, but she did let us take one of the replaced implant components from the kids. That might bring us some good info once we get back. They wouldn’t tell us anything else about Final Liminality, or whatever the changes to the star might bring - we expected as much.

"Utaue and the neighbor’s kid are playing with one of the drones right now, each of them wiggling one of its arms - things are strange here and the sun is a scary unknown, but I’m satisfied in knowing that the Trigs aren’t down here to harm any of these people, not intentionally.

"We’re preparing to move out toward the city itself now. One truck went back to our camp to bring the implant part to the dropship, but once they get back, we’re heading out.

“Commander Haakitri, over and out.”



Scout Wing confirms orbital sensor drone deployment YC122-07-25, 1820 hours

A scout wing of two capsuleers successfully deployed orbital sensor drones for prospection and surface monitoring above Sakenta III. Orbital team now providing intelligence support for Operation Command and ground detachment KRC “Seabeast”.

Forwarding to OC and Commander Haakitri following analyst report.

“Analysis of bioactive wavelength spectrum and heat radiation shows unexplained anomalies in rural woodland and farmland areas as well as in small but densely populated cities with significant parks and rooftop greenings. Photosynthesis shows abnormal activity under night condition with peaks observable during dusk and dawn. Relation to system’s unusual (manipulated) sun radiation unclear. Is there a change of local biological patterns? Analysist team requests allocation of resources and operational capacity of ground detachment in order to investigate possible application of unidentified chemical or biological agent within the observed areas of unexplained bio-activity. Please proceed with caution when nightfall approaches ISSHUKAAN-GAMIL OUTSKIRTS and / or ground detachment’s current AREA OF OPERATION.”

“Awaiting further instructions. Stay safe down there. - Orbital Intelligence and Analyst Group OVER and OUT.”


Hello and thanks all who put magnificent effort on this investigation! Since it has been around 7 days with no update on the ground team as well as the whole investigation, is the investigation went interrupted? Thanks!