[ARC] Semiosis

(Lirbiss Naraunt) #364

Kostyor also means pyre, or bonfire. Was also somehow tied to one deity… Kostroma, was it…?

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(Tanagura Amoii) #365

Kostorg seems to be a proper noun, the name of a place, corporation, similar entity, or formal philosophy. A policy or doctrine associated with that place, entity, or philosophy should be (or has been) invoked. Alternatively, a previous invocation should be (or has been) suspended.

For example: invocation of ancient quarantine policy governing Kostorg Conduit Flow should be suspended in light of Tyrant threat.

Sleeping Tyrant faction has been in suspended animation for several thousand years. It therefore makes sense that Tyrant forces would need to perform reconnaissance while building up their strength.

The Triglavians appear to have no better understanding or preparation. But they are not “Sleepers.” Were they nearly destroyed during the original “War In Heaven” and forced into a distant exile that prevented them from finishing off their ancient enemy while it slept for several thousand years?

(Bjorn Tyrson) #366

thank you, thats what I was trying to get at, I just used the wrong word (ment conceptual instead of metaphorical)

which is why I think it might be more valuable to look at the concepts the words may invoke rather than the exact meaning, or meanings. conduit for example can mean many things, a physical cable, a conduit for change, etc. but on a conceptual level they all share certain characteristics.

Take their transfer conduits for example, why did they choose that word for them as opposed to any other. we generally call things like that gates or bridges, and from a purely technical standpoint all of those words could be seen as correctly describing it. but the concept of a conduit, something that guides the flow of something from one point to another, is different than a bridge, something that connects two otherwise separate places, or a gate that connects two adjacent things.

so if, for the sake of argument, we assume that korstog is the root of, or (more likely) shares a common root with kostorg, it may not mean crusade in the literal sense of a holy war, but in a more conceptual sense such as a crusade for justice, or any other driving purpose for something you deem to be fundamental to your beliefs.

simply spitballing here, but it does open up some intriguing interpretations (obviously interpretations need to be handled very cautiously)

(Aiden Vayle) #367

I think these ideas about a Triglavian Exile are reasonable, but I don’t see Noema translating to “Policy” here, at least not without a better idea of what Korstog is. Let’s examine this idea of converging flows, I think that’s one of our biggest context clues. Be it metaphorical or literal, what kind of flows are converging right now? The first thing I think of is the separation of species… the Triglavians, for example, could be seen as a stream converging with the greater continuum of empires in New Eden. This could also refer to the Triglavian/Drifter conflict- the reconvergence of two streams that split off from the same ocean long ago.

Any other ideas what our “confluence” could be?

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(Tanagura Amoii) #368

For myself I think Korstog is a location. It is a confluence of flows. I submit those flows were sealed toward the end of War In Heaven I. We are now witnessing the beginning of War In Heaven II, and the Triglavians have some need for the flows to be restored.

I believe the flows were sealed because both Triglavian and Tyrant civilizations appear to have been in a state of great disarray during the intervening time and now they are both fumbling around for answers just as we are.

As an entertaining tangent, Immortal Heroes of Jin-Mei lore possessed the ability to seal and release confluences of energy within the human body - eliminating an enemy with a finger press. This technique could be applied in reverse. In that way, a dangerous entity could be held safely until a proper time came to release it on the battlefield.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #369

//evocation of ancient-time noemata of Kostorg conduit flow and confluence//
//enactment of longstanding policies of “Kostorg” gate movement/connection and junction/coming together//

I believe Kostorg to be the Triglavian term for a very specific place or type of thing, with this string referring to policies surrounding movement of/using the “kostorg” gate(s) and of junctions & meeting routes through them/it.

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(Aiden Vayle) #370

//Revival of long-discarded ideas (meaning opinions or information) regarding “Kostorg” pathway networks and connections//

A different way of saying the same thing, with a different sort of tone to it. If this is the context we’re assuming, the “Kostorg” seems most likely to be a collective name for a network of paths/gateways, like the Wormhole network, or possibly a network of gates between Abyssal Deadspace pockets?

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(Tanagura Amoii) #371

I think of it as a Chamber of Gates, so I do not think it is at cross-purposes. I also think the Gates are closed, but that detail is not important for the meaning of Kostorg itself.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #372

“Evocation” in Triglavian syntax is synonymous with our own use of “enacting” or “bringing-out”, etc. in context. I do, however, absolutely agree that Kostorg could be a sort of gateway/conduit hub.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #373

Though I do see the merit in your suggestion - re-enacting old noemata concerning this Kostorg thing, something important but unaccessed/unused since the Triglavians entered the Abyss or were present in New Eden, would make sense.

(Aiden Vayle) #374

Well, in this context, “Bringing out” and “reviving” long-discarded ideas is effectively synonymous, isn’t it? Either way, “Kostorg” as a network or hub for gateways, of some sort, seems reasonable, but let’s not set that definition in stone just yet. We’ll have to hope that more references to it appear in future communication intercepts, so we can get a more solid definition by comparing use-cases.

(xPaPaHet) #375

What is KOSTORG? i fing only this https://www.eveonline.com/ru/article/new-technology-partnership-in-minmatar-engineering-sector

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(Aiden Vayle) #376

Kostorg, as far as we can tell, is a unique Triglavian word we have yet to translate. It’s not a Corp name, as that ten-year-old article suggests. What exactly it is, we aren’t yet sure, though as you’ll see in the thread, we have plenty of theories.

Kind of odd that it shares a name with a Minmatar manufacturing corp, though, isn’t it?

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(Annisir Kaugan) #377

A conduit, in engineering terms is something that facilitates passage from one place to another. Wiring conduits as an example. The Triglavians frequently use the term loop-conduit to refer to their gate system. We have no proof but theoretically they probably have some means of programming it like a rail network or something similar. So a Triglavian ship could set a destination and move from place to place as easily as we do in K-space. Our K-space network is more or less linear and point to point, no central hub. The only other possible network is Anoikis and that is quite definitely broken, but probably was not at the time the Triglavians last saw it. 5 Drifter wormholes that contain a plethora of structures, 75 shattered wormholes containing Epicenters and then Thera itself. It is perfectly possible that at some time in the past the whole place functioned in an ordered manner, with a central hub. So the denizens could pick a route and move freely through it.

(Baron Redwolfe) #378

“//Now-time discourse-element//
<<archived spatio-temporal co-ordinate ranges
!nog++encode|Jovian expansionist polity iters.[2.0.0,] | recode++process! not reconciled with ingressing data>>
//evocation of ancient-time noemata of Kostorg conduit flow and confluence//”

Think of this in a different way, it’s not a message, but a Code. A data analysis of something they are doing. It’s an Archived Spatio-temporal Co-ordiante Range, Meaning this was likely a code to activate something or send a report.

“Evocation of ancient-time Neomata of Kostorg Conduit flow and Confluence”

They are talking about likely re-opening a gate they never needed to open before, or sealed off for a reason. Ancient time meaning they are opening a gate that likely got them there. A means of returning to normal space via this Conduit.

“!nog++encode|Jovian expansionist polity iters.[2.0.0,] | recode++process! not reconciled with ingressing data”

This to me says that a faction of Jove’s that were expansionists, likely the past selves if we consider where they are from. The Recode Process, that isn’t reconciled with ingressing data means there is a conflict in the data some where that can’t find a solution. AKA the impending aggression between them and the Drifter’s or other Empires of New Eden.

Break down the words themselves and what they mean, they were encoding, and recoding something only to have it “Not Reconcile with inbound data.” Does this mean they are capsuleers s well? Are there outside Triglavian entity’s that are trying to return only to find they cannot because of the corrupted data they obtained from either fighting Drifters or other races. Consider this from an immortal capsuleer standpoint as well if you want to get exploratory.

I find it easy to translate this into a more understandable formats and then break down the words in our meaning to figure if that even makes any sense. If it does not then apply logic from the known standpoint of their view. They don’t deal in normal sentences like us, where we will say, “I saw a bird.” To them it’s something written far different. Again, I might be totally off on this contemplation and study of the most recent document.

Thank you Aradina Varren for the amazing work you have done thus far. I hope to see more from you and can’t wait to see the next translated data you find.

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(Aradina Varren) #379

I can’t take all of the credit. Everyone involved does a part and most of those parts are bigger than mine. I just translate.

(Siegfried Tahl) #380

Abyssal deadspace connections opened by filaments are referred as loop-conduits, because they are loops from k-space back to k-space. This new Kostorg clearly is something different.

Right before this last message, there were two pieces of video showing some pylons. Why nobody connects those two with this one? After watching those I suggested they were 2 out of 3 pylons of a gate to bring their Dreadnought or Titan under construction ship after its finished from Abyss to our space. And I’m convinced the latest message supports this theory.

(Siegfried Tahl) #381

There is something that bothers me lately. Latest messages are written in some half machine code or programming language. I mean we dont know much about Triglavians, thats true. Dont know how to explain it…

Rogue Drones or Deviant Automata if you will, had corrupted Vila according to DAV Datastreams. We dont know how would two AI entities interact. Is Navka still Navka? Can an AI totally consume another upon contact? Is it new communication device that translates their messages into machine code form, or is it some drastic change going on with Triglavians?

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(Siegfried Tahl) #382

Spatio-temporal coordinates and Jovian expantionist polity and Kostorg conduit all in the same paragraph. Can it be that they are opening gates from Abyss into regions A821-A and J7HZ-F known to belong to Jove. These regions are adjacent to Rogue Drone regions too.

I heard rumors as many of us have that Society of CT claimed to have inherited Jove seat at Concord, and also some Jove tech. And they even modified Triglavian ships with that tech, I’m talking about Hydra and Tiamat class ships. Does SoCT have access to Jove regions, what is even there after Caroline star accident?

SoCT guy was there when Drifters murdered Empress Jamyl. Shady bunch I would say.

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(Dread Saboteur) #383

Empress Jamyl’s sanity before she was dispatched by the drifters is questionable.Likely SOCT were present to monitor the drifters movements.
As for Caroline star we know alot of matter is expelled by stars going supernova as well as alot of complex materials being created during such events.I would wager the old jovian directorate regions are a veritable ‘gold mine’ of resources and leftover surviving jovian tech right now

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