[ARC] Statement from the Project Head of our Forward Observers

With approval from the ARC Command Authority, we are releasing the following statement on the ongoing changes to New Eden. Any further information will be updated as we gather data.

Kind regards,
Lasairiona Raske
Head Diplomat for Arataka Research Consortium

Pilots, as you all are aware, we are staring at the precipice of a catastrophic event that is going to change New Eden forever. You have seen or heard it on the news. Experienced it first-hand. New Eden is involuntary changing. The gate network is volatile as the Triglavian Collective carves New Eden for their own. Metaliminal Storms ravage the outlands of Nullsec. This goes beyond what we were ever expecting and vindicates my position towards the Triglavians that I have held from the beginning.

This event has been called Totality by some and we at the Arataka Research Consortium are watching.

As the foremost capsuleer agency for research and scientific analysis, ARC has been preparing for every contingency and parsing all data we have been receiving ever since the Triglavians began their invasion in earnest. We have mobilized our Forward Observers in many Final Liminality systems and began working with our Liaisons to collect as much data for public use once the Triglavian Collective reaches the conclusion of their labours. You can expect more and more information to be shared publicly as we collect it, which will eventually be compiled to a Primer for ease of access. And adding to that, we will continue to develop tactics to continue analysing the Triglavian presence in the rest of New Eden to find ways for our allies to repel invading raids and keep New Eden safe.

In the coming days, our objectives to tackle the study of the coming Totality are as follow:

  1. Determine and measure the changes caused by Totality, and the damage it has caused.

  2. Research and develop tactics and engagement profiles in the systems that were captured.

  3. Establish entry points to those system for our allies as well as produce navigation protocols for travel.

  4. Study the Triglavians and their culture as they become a permanent power in New Eden.

We expect major resistance coming from the Collective and their Kybernaut allies, who continue to aid the Triglavians in their conquest and will most certainly use the conquered systems as their base of operations in their villainous deeds perpetuated in New Eden. Our fight for knowledge has just begun.

For those interested in aiding our efforts, you can reach out in our public channels and help the discussion and data collection. We are always welcoming of associates and potential Forward Observers and in these trying times, we need all the help we can get.

For those affected by the Triglavians I say this. Stay calm. Stay strong.

Submitted by: Commander Giesta Nimbelain; ARC Forward Observer and Project Lead


You can count on my operating base in Igne to install any analyser you wish !
I’m also personally at ARC’s service in the seeking of knowledge.

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hope this reaches the forums:

Lasa dear, I am currently inside Otanuomi with a few of my most trusted field agents, and cataloging everything we see. Hope the rest of New Eden haven’t fallen to chaos yet

My field log while be uploaded to a secure folder, and I hope it finds its way into your hands


Thank you very much. I would say to get in touch with project head @Giesta_Nimbelain She would be very interested in this, I imagine :slight_smile:

Have any observers seen any attempt to light a cynosural beacon?

Not an observer, but cynosural beacons are non-functional.

Fair enough. Bit of a shame, that.

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