[ARC] Yulai Triglav Conference - Call for Contributions

Fellow Pilots

With the appearance of the Dreadnought Zirnitra in high security space, the Triglavian invasions have recently seen another quality of aggression. CONCORD Stellar Observatories, meant to inquire into the Convocation of Triglav’s stellar manipulations, have been the primary target of these anti-structure vessels. On top of this, the GalNET communication routers were hijacked in a large scale information warfare attack again, openly calling capsuleers to join their cause. A cause still shrouded behind a rethoric of a so called ‘proving’.

The Arataka Research Consortium has addressed these issues lately, through intensified research in the Triglavian Primer as well as multilateral fleet maneauvers to protect the invaded systems of New Eden. We would like to expand the scope of discussion and cooperation further by bringing people from all corners of New Eden together.

We invite pilots of all factions and nationality to join us at the Yulai Triglav Conference, taking place at Yulai VIII on the upcoming December 22th, 2000-2300 EVE.

There will be three parallel panels, starting with a one hour offset each:

  1. Military strategies and coalitions against the Triglavian menace. Prospective moderation: DutchGunner

  2. The Convocation of Triglav as an emerging new faction - lore and politics panel. Prospective moderation: Uriel P. Anteovnuecci.

  3. Suns and Stellar Manipulation. Prospective moderation: Ilm Gaterau and Haria Haritimado.

Procedure: Every panel will be structured in the same way. After a welcome and introduction by the moderators there will be a presentation slot for short presentations or statements on the respective topic for which you can apply (see below). After that, the floor is open to a moderated discussion for all participants. The venue will include plenty of room to meet and socialize during and after the event.

Apply for Presentation Slot: You don’t have to apply in advance to just attend the conference. However, if you want to present scientific insights, proposals, or statements in the presentation slot on one of the three panels, we kindly ask you to apply with your name, the group you represent (if any), and a description of your intended topic. Those contributions are meant to inspire discussion and diversity. They have to be short and prepared in advance in order to ensure a fluid procedure. Please announce your interest here or via EVE-Mail to Haria Haritimado or Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries [IKAME]. We will get in touch with you for the details.

Channel access and the detailed location will be announced before the conference. Interbus Connection is available, as well as multi-channel holographic routers. Proceedings will be made publicly available afterwards.

Haria Haritimado
Arataka Research Consortium