Archangels Command Calls and V0LTA Answers

On YC 125.11.09 Archangels command called upon capsuleers to assit in the removal of The Astrahus-class structure designated “G-0Q86 - DELTA OBSERVATORY PUBLIC TETHER” Owned by DECOY Alliance.

On the same day, StarFleetCommander Issued a Fleet Form up command to the Pilots in WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] & Capital Fusion.

V0LTA - Starfleetcommander —11/09/2023 3:38 PM

@everyone Fleet Tonight @19:30ET From Turnur. we must secure Zarzakh

Later the same day, V0LTA & Capital Fusion placed the astrahus into reinforce.

YC 125.11.10 - A geeneral Call to arms was issued to the members of WE FORM V0LTA.

V0LTA - Starfleetcommander 11/10/2023 8:01 PM

@everyone MAX NUMBERS MONDAY 13/11/2023 @19:00ET!

YC 125.11.13 - Saw the destruction of the Astrahus at the hands of Archangels command and WE FORM V0LTA.

WE FORM V0LTA hopes to strenghen the bonds between Archangels command and V0LTA


Hello darlings.

Welcome to the fray.

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