Archee turned into final liminality - strange behavior of Lowsec Systems

Today, Archee went final Liminalty. it is the 2nd lowsec in Final Liminality so far.

The interesting part of that is the security status of that System. During first and second liminality it was at -0.7(dropped from 0.4 originally). When it reached final liminality, the security status increased from -0.7 to -0.4.

The same happened in Nalvula too.
Stellar reconnaisance: 0.4
Escalating Liminalty: -1.0
Final Liminality: 0.0

So Lowsec behaves different from Hisec when reaching final liminality. Hisec drops to low first and then to 0. Lowsec go straight into 0 when they reach first liminality and the truesec increases by a random amount in final liminality.
So what could cause that behavior of lowsec systems when they reach final liminality?

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Poor coding?


More likely, maintaining consistency with Serenity.

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