What system is Hi-Sec, but has a gate to low sec and Null sec? Any?

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I was just curious for some awesome PVP, are there any systems that are high security, but have a gate to low sec and null sec?

I want to find an area that is away from major trade hubs that has a lot of traffic due to it being a hi sec system with immediate access to low sec and null sec.


I only know of three high - null direct connections, and those systems aren’t near lowsec. There are lots of High-Low-Null jumps, though.

Try Chooka/Dital, right next to Provi & the Bleak Lands.

I know of 1 highsec system (Keberz in Khanid) that connects to both lowsec (Nourbal) and nullsec (HED-GP in Catch).

There are 3 other highsec systems with direct connection to nullsec. These are Dital to KBP7-G, Kari to Y-MPWL and Torrinos to EC-P8R.

There are lots of lowsec systems that connect to both high and null. Find them on Dotlan


I stand corrected. I guess I wasn’t impressed by Nourbal when I was there :slight_smile:

Nobody mentions Orvolle? It’s also both connecting low-sec (Oulley) and null-sec (PF-346 in Syndicate). And I think that there may be more ignored.


I think you have the winning answer.

M-OEE8 Goto Taisy Goto Nalvula Goto Vuorrassi
Null, Low, Low, High

Not exactly what you asked for, but close.

Nalvula is now moved to Trig region, so change your route.