Are CCP investing in servers?

Black screen when leaving stations in busy systems like Jita. Time Dilation effects in systems with low traffic. Fix your server.

I know they upgraded Tranquility about 5 years back or so. No idea if they’ve made any improvements since.

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Has nothing to do with the servers.


That’s a client side problem, fix your crappy computer.

Tidi doesn’t just happen in busy systems, it also happens on unreinforced nodes that share a server with another unreinforced node that is busy and it is extremely rare. Get over it.


They did a blog about this some time ago. The servers have like many TB of ram XD

Considering they are probably the only ones with the tech and knowhow to keep this game running AND patch it after so long is an engineering accomplishment.

Sounds like a you problem ngl. I don’t experience anything like that in HS.

TiDi is a separate issue as mentioned above.

The black screen and/or jump lag appear to be mostly “graphics loading” issues. A lot of complaints about this started cropping up after one or another of the “improved graphics” updates a couple years ago.

It can be affected by limited RAM in your PC or GPU, but it mostly appears to be from slower loading times from older HDs. Could try upgrading to a decent SSD. Can sometimes also be affected by your DX11/12 settings and game graphics settings.

You can find various discussions about it in the support forums:


CCP is investing in servers. #SaveMike

The only thing CCP is investing in with this game is your wallet.

To be fair, I believe @CCP_Rattati said they are rewriting the base code, which will modernize it, make things more efficient, and allow more substantial development. I know enough about programming to recognize this would require a tremendous amount of effort, but will significantly improve things in the longterm. If that is what they are doing, I’d say it’s strategic and more important than trying to add or fix things as they are. A rewrite of the underlying engine is probably the best thing they could be doing, even though it will not yield immediate results.

Correction: I think it was @CCP_Burger , not sure.


While I am very glad to know that. I still don’t think that will fix the core problems of the game? Everyone vs Everyone, the core of the old game anyway still doesn’t seem to fit well with what CCP is trying to do. I understand the game needs change, but they never seem to balance the game for was never designed to be balanced for in the 1st place?

I agree CCP caters too much to whiny carebears.

I think it’s just a phase they are going through.

I am optimistic they will eventually delete Highsec.

Thay might as well, nothing there but bots and snowflakes.

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CCP is divesting from EVE Online, they gave up on it a while ago it seems. I dont know whats wrong with them.

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Maybe they got tired of the whiny snowflakes.


Fix Your PC!

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do you know what divesting means?

@MalcomReynolds_Serenity Yes, but do you know what i mean?

Yes the reason for the “black screen” leaving or entering a station is to avoid showing the client building the mesh and textures in the game. If you use external view option within a player made station, there is no transition at all. The scene doesn’t need to change at all.

Lag (latency), Network, and Server Issues are actually 3 separate issues that can cause somewhat similar bad experience, and people often mistake those and call them all lag.

Frame Rate is personal and mostly irrelevant, lower the settings or get a better computer/GPU and you are doing fine. In any case, this cause is extremely easy to confirm or handle, yet often mistaken for lag in when a lot of elements involved or graphic effects, like smoke, debris, or just too many ships. The client requires a certain amount of memory (RAM) for processing visual effects and calculating formulas.

Latency, also known as lag, is the time and delay between client-server requests, usually measured in milliseconds (0.001 second). The quality of the user’s Internet connection as reported by the ping times to the game server: high latency and the player should expect various issues with delays between taking an action and seeing the result on the screen.

The typical latency of an Internet connection also varies depending on its type. Type could consist of any or all of the following; fiber optic, coaxial cable, phone lines (DSL), or satellite (wireless). Even with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) promising high speed fiber optics, they cannot control other ISPs they communicate through to reach the final destination.

Server Load is known as the server “tick rate”. This is the most important factor, and the cause of most network issues. When people activate weapons, or load into instances. For example; the client sends the command to activate a “smart bomb”, the server needs to verify it’s not on cool down, because the server shouldn’t trust client data (this is done to avoid exploits and cheats), then calculate the distance of every ship in a given distance from the user. If the group is in the distance, apply all the effects and the chain of effects (e.g. debuffs, skills, shields) or everything that can be triggered.

This happens per group, per skill, per player, and grows exponentially the more elements there are in that vicinity. This has nothing to do with the network or client computer, it has only to do with the server hardware, code optimization/complexity and input length or iterations. These calculation are done also in ‘frames’, it can’t flow continuous, players send their action, the server calculates changes, sends results to the players about their current state.

As you can see servers are just one of the many issues that affect your performance.

Have fun!

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I’m not sure about deleting highsec, but I do think that far less of highsec should be contiguous and should be a collection of islands instead.

In Windows 11, go to Settings…Gaming…and switch on Game Mode. That will help switch off background processes while you are playing games.