Are memes allowed on the forums?

I ask, because people keep flagging my memes as spam, which moderators then review and confirm as being in violation of community guidelines. But a meme isn’t spam. And, I’m of the opinion that if the flagging system doesn’t have an option that accurately described why my post “violated community guidelines,” then there’s probably a good chance that it didn’t actually violate community guidelines. Seriously, how is a meme considered spam -specially when it is an original meme that I just created myself and had never used before?

I will spam it here though for reference.

So, I’m confused, and need clarification. I’ve gone through the forum rules, and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I mean, it’s almost like the real bad actor isn’t the guy posting memes, but the guys that are metagaming platform mechanics in order to remove/lock posts/threads that they don’t like.

Regardless, I hope this doesn’t mean that I have to stop using memes. I think they’re great for delivering arguments/rebuttals in an attention grabbing, concise, and humorous way. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a meme is worth a million.



Beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure memes have been outlawed yet but there’s definitely a war on humour going on.

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Internet spaceships are serious business.


This forum is a meme… also, made it before lock

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Your posts get hidden once they are flagged. I don’t think a human has to look at the post first. I have had plenty of harmless posts hidden that no reasonable human would have deemed in violation of forum rules.



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Hm. Perhaps I’ve been too quick to judge. I assumed ISD’s were signing off on ridiculous flags because that’s what the automated message was saying (i.e. your post was reviewed by a moderator before being hidden). But the forums will also suggest that you send a direct message to someone even though that feature is turned off.

So yeah, that’s a good point. I actually don’t know what’s happening.

Now, I wonder what should be done about this thread.

Meh. I suppose I’ll leave it open to see if anyone else has any insight to offer. And, I won’t be mad if an ISD closes it.


Edit: Someone flagged this post as off-topic.

Speaking of which, I think these ridiculous flags are why I can’t get veteran status -which would be nice so that I could have more likes. Don’t get me wrong, I have pushed the envelope on occasion, and have had deserved moderator action taken against me. But, even when I’ve been behaving myself relatively well, these flags keep my trust level down.

Also, why the ■■■■ did they decide to limit likes? Ugh.

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Unfortunately, I have completely misunderstood the whole intention of the post.
I apologize for my misjudgment and have reopened the post.


I rest my case.

I once had a bunch of posts hidden by a forum bot because they contained links to the same site and the forum decided they were spam (they were images relevant to what I posted on another site). The message implied that people had reported me for violation of community guidelines. I was pretty annoyed but was explained by CCP & ISD that in fact it was automated. I suggested then the message be fixed but seems like it wasn’t…


We are blacklisted, Scrow. I was stripped of my veteran status after I called somebody an “infantilized man-child.” I am pretty sure I will never get it back.

I guess I should feel lucky, since a bunch of other really cool people received forum bans at around the same time.

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Man, I haven’t got my forum ban yet. Maybe I need to try harder?

Meh, I like being the rogue scoundrel always on the naughty list but never quite in trouble with ‘the law.’

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