Are microphones required to join corps?

Will I have to speak?

No. There are several that only require fcs etc to speak

sorry but whats fcs? thanks for answering.

FC, fleet commander

I’d say yes.

Sooner or later you’re going to need to just want to talk to others in your corp.

In the broader sense, I don’t understand why sooooo many players (especially newer ones) seem fearful of speaking. :thinking:

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Not fearful. I just have to go out and get a mic.

Not everyone is a native english speaker so that may also be an issue.

Depends on the corp. You can always clear this and other questions with the recruiter to see if the corp is a proper fit for you and if later realize it is not don’t be afraid to leave and find a proper corp.

There is all different flavours of corps so yes there is tons. Or you can start a corp called no mic’s and then everyone can just type if you want lol.

You don’t need anything expensive. $15-$20 headset with mic is fine. They don’t last long anyway, even the more expensive sets.

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Often voice chat is mainly used to listen to the fleet commander.

It can be useful to have a microphone if you want to speak yourself, and for certain situations it can be essential (for example if you want to command a fleet, or are scouting for someone and want to give quick feedback), but usually you can manage with headphones + typing in chat.

For smaller groups I guess a mic is more useful/essential, but in bigger fleets most people don’t talk at all.

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