Are players poor?

This last while i have noticed more t1 fleets than usual in my space. A year ago it was more t2/faction stuff. Is eve players poorer today than before? I know im pooorer than b4 but i cant still fly half decent ships but every ess robber is a vexor etc no dreks or phantasim. And most fleets are t1 crap

It’s got to do with how much harder it is to build T2/Faction ships due to increase in materials etc.

insurance doesn’t pay out for T2/Faction like it does for T1 so naturally you may see more T1 fleets than fleets with faction/t2 hulls.


It is more difficult to make faction and tech 2 stuff now. Takes more resources and time and organization. It reflects in price. T1 is the thing that people are able to replace.

For ESS specifically what also matters is how people respond to ESS robbers, people used to bring all kinds of random crap that made it worthwhile to fly something you could handle that random stuff with. Now folks just bring 17 Vargurs you can’t ever deal with meaning there’s much less incentive to fly something proper so people do it on the cheap: if it dies it dies.


I’m in no way poorer than before and certainly can afford to lose a dreadnought. I have quite a few t2 and even t3 ships but I don’t want to use them and won’t use them for the foreseeable future or until such time I deem appropriate, like say… when CCP stops taking me for a PLEX piñata, removing the fun out of EVE and stacking all the risks for very little reward.
So until such a time where CCP shows its players that EVE is a game and not a pyramid scheme, I’ll keep flying t1 frigates and destroyers as an Alpha.

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T1 is simply more cost efficient and more easily available than T2 and is a good choice to fly when you expect a high risk to die.

I have more skills and ISK than years before yet I still regularly use T1 ships and expect to keep doing so.

Use of T1 ships is not a good indication of player wealth.


Yeah i just noticed a fair drop in the quality of ships passing through my area. Ccp needs to sort out faction ship build costs. I really wamt to try out a phantasm for pvp but its so expensive to lose. And no t2 resisits.

Tell me about it.

Things are really rough. I’m down to flying Velators and Ventures.

What is your definition of poor? I haven’t even hit the 100 million isk mark in my wallet after a month of playing but I don’t think I’m poor.

Maybe it’s all relative from a player’s point of view or what they are doing?

I love the Venture. I’m an Omega player but have always found a use for those ships.

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tbh even t1 bs’s are damn expensive, I kind of like that faction and t2 is expensive but t1 bc and bs need to be a bit cheaper imo. like a reduction in bpc/bpo material amount’s.

only faction BPC and BS BPO increased in complexity though ?

Why not ?

What if T1 ships were the baseline, with T2 ships having balanced stats (eg hacs with slightly less targeting range, less speed, and less range bonus, but more tanks … cough cough) instead of being a straight upgrade ?

It depends what you mean by ‘poor’.

My stance is that as long as I have enough ISK to do what I want to do at any particular moment, with ISK to spare, then I am not poor.

The real problem in Eve is that ‘power’…be it ship size, DPS, or influence…does not really scale up with ISK. My 150m ISK Tornado is not 15 times ‘better’ than my 10m ISK Thrasher.

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Well my way of looking at it was …
I have more skills today than yesterday.
Therefor i should make more today than yesterday.
Ie more job slots ability to make more items or better items etc.
But with the chaos of the brm mechanics ratters dont have as much isk as they used to.
There for they are not so keen to buy blingier ships or more ships etc.

Me im an industrialist so the things im making for my aliance are not sellling as well as they used to.
I still make good isk i suppose i have lots of nice ships
But i just notice a dip in the income a bit.

100% agree

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i can confirm that my net income is down even though my playtime and effort havent changed. the industry changes were a disaster for my builders. mining is more tedious and harder to account for actual yield minus wastage unless i increase my isk on field which increases my risk factors. my rorqual is no longer an effective miner, but still sits on field to help my friends. and then there is ratting. the cruel joke known as ESS DBS BRM. look at the MER , it is clear that ratting is not the isk faucet it used to be, in fact it is more of a time sink than isk faucet.
Am i poor. no. am i losing wealth. yes. do i fly blingy stuff or heavy ships in fleets. no, the game has reverted to cheap fast throuaway thinking. that is not a good thing.
CCP needs to seriously rethink ESS mechanics and BRM calculations. Mining will sort itself out over tiem but we cant fix broken mechanics


My core income is still the same as it ever was but I added some industry to it because it’s now actually worthwhile. So my total has gone up.

why do u hate tech 1 stuff so much. im poor and I only fly tech 1.

I think CCP wants folks to buy PLEX and convert to isk. Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Poor? No, I am stingy miser. I’ve been playing for years and the only times I invested in a T2 ship it turned out to be a bad, expensive idea. When I was told to get an Eagle for coalition PVP and failed to firesale it when that alliance went tits up. 300 mil down the drain, no SRP, nada. Screw that nonsense. You want me to fly T2 you pay for it in advance. I don’t care that nullsec operates on the promise of getting money back.

The only T2 ship I don’t regret buying is a Vargur but even that never made back it’s cost. I just don’t play enough Eve Online to make such purchases worthwhile. Why would I buy a ship everybody and their mom wants on their killboard because it’s more expensive?

What is even the point of t2 ships? I wouldn’t know. Probably some nullsec war thing I don’t care about. I pretty much ignore everything T2 apart from Assault Frigates.

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Lol. Its all a bit like chopping off the branch you are sitting on. Without miners there’d be no ore. Without ore there’d be no ships. And without ships…there’d be no ganking. Thus you are a leech off the very ‘scourge’ you refer to.

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