Are pods able to land/crash on a planet?

Are Pods theoretically able to crash on a planet after a fight in orbit? Or would they just burn in the atmosphere? Could a capsuleer theoretically survive this?
Thanks for your reply, I’m doing some research :slight_smile:

I could only find limited information about capsules.

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in theory, yes, and yes. Considering the capsule itself is supposed to be some super durable handwavium jovian material, and the impacts of superheavy ordinance against a pod that don’t outright breach it doesn’t kill the capsuleer inside by impact force.


Yeah, but they dont have parachuttes so…

I don’t think they have heat shields able to withstand atmospheric reentry, given that they are not generally expected to do that. Manual landing on planets without atmosphere, however, is probably possible, since capsule engines are powerful enough to counter gravity, given by their speeds.

Leaving a capsule could be a problem.

I’d say, in theory they might be able to crash land and survive as a structure itself, assuming it’s not made of the same combustible alloy tritanium materials the actual ships are, but the pilot themselves surviving is another matter entirely. Extremely improbable but not impossible.

As for landing, again let’s assume combustable alloys like tritanium aren’t present, the Pod’s structure doesn’t appear to have any safe landing capability, and we have no knowledge in the lore (new and old) that suggests it has such capabilities. Shape wise, maybe it could possibly do a controlled water landing or ‘soft’ ground landing similar to the Soyeuz system, but probably not on a landing pad or what have you.

@Utari_Onzo, ship hulls are not pure tritanium, its an alloy, so no, ships do not just combust in atmosphere. A good way to look at it is similar to modern aircraft construction, you have aluminum and other alloys with things like magnesium and manganese, which aren’t generally combustible in alloyed form(but if something happens to cause the alloy to come apart, magnesium and manganese burn very hard and long). Make sense?

Tritanium on its own is unstable and combustible at atmospheric temperatures, but not the alloys its worked into. If it was, then how the hell do ships have internal pressurized atmosphere for crew

Per a certain titan, it’s long term unstable but not flash fire level.
Also coat the interior with something else?

its pockets of destabilized alloy in the hull itself from the vessel’s destruction and subsequent crash.

but yeah, a bit off topic to be quite honest. Pods aren’t made of trit alloys.

What do they reprocess to?

they don’t reprocess or have industry details for reprocessing last I checked.

Was a thought to know what they are made of.

Okay, let’s say the capsule is made out of some durable jovian non-recyclable metal alloy and wouldn’t be destroyed during entry.

Since the capsule has no way to stabilize itself it would just fall. The self destruction would take too long. So there is no way for the capsuleer to escape. Would he survive impact? He is floating in this kind of goo. Could this actually help in some way to absorb some of the impact force? Or would it make the impact even harder (compression)
And there are planets in new Eden with an atmosphere and 0,1g. Maybe this could help too…

Would the pod maybe destroy itself in this scenario without the countdown? Could the pod break and leave a stranded capsuleer on a planet?

… The eve lore really lacks some basics ^^

Oh, and another question. We know that the technology of capturing the consciousness of capsuleers is unreliable to use it in planetside conditions. Would a change in gravity set it off? It probably should even from technical sense, because if this ultra-durable capsule (if it is ultra-durable, that is) starts falling into gas planet, a capsule user would be dead long before pod would be breached.

@Ugren_Okaski, specifically its unreliable to use in non-capsule conditions.

As for falling into a gas planet, if the internal pressure hull buckles due to gas planet overpressure, then the capsuleer’s consciousness transfers by basic logic, as internal pressure hull breach is the trigger for the burn scan. It’d still be a gruesome way to go of course but a viable trigger.

@Komi_Valentine I would say that, yes the chances of survival are there and plausible. Likely, probably not exceptionally. But its there. And let’s keep in mind that that capsule is a 4 meter long object, and likely has failsafe options that we don’t tend to see on the in-game model due to the game being an imperfect simulation of the universe we love to play around in

Internal pressure won’t change, since there was no hull breach. I’m thinking more about high gravity.

@Ugren_Okaski , the pressure in the atmosphere of a gas planet is byond even impact force of most of the weapons used in EVE. it would effect the pod. internally and externally. physics still applies

Clearly the pod can self stabilise since it can turn in space.

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