Giving Pod Destruction A More Formal and Appropriate Term

Everyone knows that self-destructing a Pod is often times called, suicide.

I wouldn’t consider self destructing a Pod as suicide.

Suicide entails the act of ending a persons existence, in whole and completely, without even the chance of starting a new life with the same skills before the destruction of the Pod took place.

We need a new name for self-destruction of a Pod, something that conveys the process of self-destruction but the ability to emerge into a cloned body with the same skills one had before.

Since a Capsuleer has usually lost their first Pod within a few months of entering New Eden any connection that Capsuleer had with their initial self is lost.

It’s interesting to think that every single Capsuleer in New Eden really isn’t alive at all. We first come to New Eden as one of two beings, A planetary based life that is seeking the riches and excitement of space and those who have been stored in a data base.

But where do those who are simply stored in a data base and then injected into Clones come from to begin with? Are they the original colonists who sought immortality? Or are they something more sinister? By sinister I mean, have they have been created inside of the computer nodes themselves, programs who have become sentient as a result of data constantly passing over the neural grids and into Clones?

Basically every Capsuleer is nothing more than a data base of stored parameters. Are consciousness is stored on neural networks inside of a very secure and protected data base storage facility. Our clone is merely an extension of our electronic form. While in stasis we continue to learn skills, but does our own personality, that which makes each of us our own person continue to be alive? Is our soul active within the mainframe. Where is the soul of the Capsuleer stored at? How does the mainframe keep each and every Capsuleer’s soul intact?

If our original body has been destroyed after Capsuleerization and everything of who we were at the moment becomes a computer data base that can be uploaded into any form of clone that we desire, what keeps our soul alive?

If the Capsuleer’s body is able to be replaced, then the finalization of suicide podding ones self is not the correct term as suicide relates to ending the processes of the soul and body as a whole. A clone is lifeless until the stored soul of the Capsuleer enters it. Before entering the clone, the clone is not able to perform work of any type. While in stasis the soul of the Capsuleer must have the ability to perform work or be alive in order to function as an individual, otherwise we are all nothing more than a computer generated set of programs designed in a computer and given a body to use until it is destroyed.

Is there a life inside of Stasis that keeps the Capsuleer alive during times of stasis? Or is that life simply a generated product of the computer that has been designed to keep Capsuleers alive while in stasis? Is the Capsuleer simply a residual of long dead colonists kept alive, over thousands of years or is New Eden and the Capsuleer simply a projection of a long dead race that doesn’t know its dead?

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We are definitely in a pod, but we’re not flying spaceships in space or docked in a station performing various activities, we’re all trapped inside the Matrix.


The ghost in the machine, it’s both a known phenomenon that is difficult to explain and a philosophical viewpoint

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I feel like this should be on the “stoner thought of the day” site.

We almost had the ability to walk around stations and what not, so I don’t think we’re in a pod 24/7. When I’m docked up I imagine I’m in the station somewhere and I’m seeing my ship from a monitor.

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No, we don’t.

We could call it “AAARRGGHHHH !!!


I am proposing: podicide.

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Don’t we call it ‘taking the pod express’


We could call it “late pod self destruct cancellation attempt.” But then again its just a self-podding.

Souls dont exist

Neither do magic sky fathers

Fing wise up

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Let’s call it…


making omelette

:egg: + :fire: = :fried_egg:


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I call it, spine collecting.

Those people did not remember Oreobot.

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Stop right there!
What is this “soul” you are talking about?
Do you mean the sense of being conscious, or do you mean something else.
And as for what consciousness is…

Ah, the troubles caused by delving into philosophy!

What do you even mean by soul what property does it have that isn’t part of the original neural network that then gets converted into the info-morph to command a capuseer body and a ship?

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I’m not convinced this is an attempt to poison us with political correctness.

In any case is there something that needs to be pointed out:

This is nonsense. Fact of the matter is that 99.9% of all players won’t pretend they’re suddenly someone new when they’re getting podded. I’m not convinced even most RPers care about this, because it’s just ■■■■■■■■.

When someone suicides …
… he’ll wake up in his clone vat.

The same consciousness, aka the player, is watching through the characters eyes …
… if you wish to see it that way.

The rest reads like someone needs to brush up on the history, which teaches that when the pod reaches a critical condition, the implant in every capsuleers brain reads out his consciousness, kills him in the process, and transfers it into a new clone.

It’s not stored anywhere.

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How is it not suicide? Loss of a pod in EVE kills the person inside it and creates a new one with the same skills and assets but no continuity of consciousness. It’s like if you die IRL and someone else inherits your house and job and custody of your kids. Sure, it might be useful that after you die that person can continue on with your goals (if they choose to do so), but you are still dead.

The way we treat pod losses is one of the most grimdark (and well designed) parts of the dystopia that is the EVE universe. Life is so cheap and meaningless that people eagerly kill themselves for trivial conveniences, throwing away their own lives so that the conquest of their enemies can proceed without delay. It’s just like how every suicide gank in highsec means the slaughter of thousands of normal human crew members on the suicide ships, crew members whose lives are so cheap that EVE doesn’t even bother to consider the cost of obtaining them.

Dont forget its CONCORD killing all the crews on the attacking ships too.

Its not like they knew why they were ordered to press the plasma button or whatever they do.


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They didnt even get a rail ffs.

Said theyd be leaning all day.

Not even once, kids.

Anyone referring to them as anything but water pipes will be asked to leave the store.

Alright, then - I nominate using the term “splorp” for pod self-destruction.

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