Giving Pod Destruction A More Formal and Appropriate Term

There is always the classic “Now you are egg yoke!”

Souls in New Eden - regardless of race (don’t tell the Amarrans) are loosed from the body upon death and return to space.
Though space is vast, souls tend to collect together in a like-attracting-like way.

Eventually if enough souls are collected, they will solidify and will need to be collected and released.

Since New Eden is a distopia, you can easily see the formation of soul clusters on a daily basis. You can even participate in the collection of soul fragments by shooting soul clusters with the correct equipment.
One you have collected enough fragments, they will need to be refined into a state that can be used to build proper effigies for their eventual release back to the aether to be recycled into sapient beings.

Do your part in helping New Eden remain a thriving population and staunch the loss of souls.
Mine the fragments, refine them into usable items, build soul vessels - and blow them back to the aether.

–Soul Hunter Gadget

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I like that especially if we get a LOUD audio scream of “ AAAARRGGHHHH !!! ” when you explode


You get that when you shoot a corpse or it despawns (and close enough zoomed in to hear it).

Let’s call it kamikaze vacay.

And let’s call corpse shooting necrophilia.

That would be corpse collecting.

Just ask Chloe.

–Gadget will make sure she’s decent


You just like hearing your name shouted…

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Better than GNUUUHHH

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