Starships landing?

Are starships capable of landing on planetary surfaces? How are they initially placed into space - conventional rockets?

Most of them are build in space in construction arrays, stations or citadels.
And we know that the bowhead can be modified to land on planets, as well as some other ships like shuttles probably. But not without modification.
Planetary goods are transported to the customs office with regular rockets so it might not be that common or too expensive for the ship classes to enter orbit :wink:


I imagine that if a ship like the Abaddon tried to land, it’d be crushed under its own weight.

Yes. The ships are designed for space travel, not for entering a planets atmosphere. So it’s unlikely that the ships can land on planets.
But since lore showed modified bowheads landing, we know that at least it it possible to land with certain ship types but it includes “modifications” whatever that means :sweat_smile:


Likely really strong hull reinforcements and specialized landing gear hardpoints.

, its complicated. Gravity is a solved problem in EVE, its worth remembering. And Supercapitals, such as the Wyvern, have canonically been able to enter atmo as well. Yes with modifications, but ‘repulsor’ and anti-gravity trch are a semi-ubiquitous facet in setting, and if you have gravity manipulation tech(which they do), planetary gravity affecting a ship becomes much less of a concern.

The real issue gets down to CCP’s… awkward way of previously explaining why ships can’t enter atmosphere, that being that Tritanium, a primary construction component, is unstable at atmospheric pressures/temperatures. This of course, is plausible. But ship hulls aren’t made of trit. They’re made of alloys and of assorted steels, titanium, carbides, fernites, etc that include tritanium, but alloys don’t have the same properties as base materials.

Following so far @Kaizen_Oramara ?


So if the hull was made of pure Tritanium, it’d explode or something?

Presumably, yes. But again hulls are alloys and not just raw trit

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