Are there any systems unclaimed in EVE - does eve need to have a new big bang

Where are the unclaimed systems are there any - shou ld EVE expand?

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There are no unclaimed systems if you are talking about nullsec (wormholes are a whole different ballgame). Even if we had some sort of Big Bang where a lot of unclaimed systems came about, they would be quickly taken by the large alliances who have trillions of ISK to throw around. Any small Corp/alliance that would try to take those systems would either be ruled by the big guys or kicked out quickly.


The solution to not finding any empty space to live in is NOT to ask for more empty space, but to try and fight the current owners to CLAIM your space.


I am thinking you are likely right, so I need to find the right medium sized alliances ready to partner with…

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Find the gaps in the floors, in the walls, behind the fridge.

Grow by feasting on that which others discard.

When you have grown enough to be noticed, they will either move house or you will strangle them out.

Or they could call in exterminators


Sounds like you have some experience…lol

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In all seriousness this is why CCP needs to develop a small citadel with cloaking abilities. It is cloaked until it’s owner warps to it and then it can be probed while it is being entered. After that it cloaks. When the player undocks it is visible until he warps away and it can be probed. It means that people will have to hunt them. There should be no timers, if found they can be blown up in one go. Go total WH…

Then all those areas of space which are not used may end up being used by hardy folk who want to go for risk.

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Find them yourself:


Its how I would do it if I was more motivated.


SOV mechanics and supercaps are in a really unhealthy place right now. Supers need to get hard with the nerf bat and SOV needs to switch to an occupancy/use based system with real resource depletion mechanics. Resources are static and people wonder why SOV is stagnant?


There are lots of claimable systems available at the moment if you really want to own something that costs you ISK but does not give you ISK back.

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That website is so helpful, I have it booked marked and try to pass the link on when I can.

Dotlan has no HTTPS, not safe?

HTTPS Everywhere says not safe.

Not an expert though.

They tried a big bang. It was called “Blackout”.

Just add https on it bro

That is not necessarily true because there is a limit to how far your response fleet can travel and cover.

The practical limit on the amount of territory that an Alliance can cover is not a factor of isk.

That only goes so far, what we have now is too small and that is why it is owned by a small number of large alliances.

There is a happy medium between what we have now and vast areas of bot filled space.


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