Is there ANY unclaimed land or should I just give up and go to WH space?

So let’s say I have a corporation/alliance and you want some land is there any way to get space to operate and I heard that wormhole space is really dangerous.

I read this topic but it basically told me to give up (like it was useless) and if there really is no solution I’ll just give up and go to wormhole space.

The reason I want land is mainly because my corporation (I’m not the CEO) is a mining corporation and many miners want a safe place to mine and the ship replacement had revenue cut of.

There is going to be your problem.
The closest thing to “safe space” in Eve is high sec. Depending on who you ask, HS not all that safe either.

The mechanics make it hard for small groups to take and hold null sec space, but I think it’s possible. It has to be fought for though. Anything worth having will have to be defended.

Wormholes are easier and harder at the same time. A small active group (15+ people) can hold a lower class hole (C3 or smaller) against anything aside from a serious eviction.
Lots of money to be made in WH’s but you wont make it mining rocks.

If you can’t hold space by force of arms, hold it by force of wallet. Renting is an option.

If you don’t care about sov (as indicated by your consideration of J-Space), regions like Syndicate and Heimatar are an option.

If you’re mainly a mining corporation, you can always rent space.

I hear SAFTEY. Offers safe places to mine.

  1. Don’t mine. It’s not worth your time.
  2. If you fail at the first line, huffing gas in a venture is the least bad option.
  3. If you huff gas, you’ll want to move around between wormholes a lot.
  4. If you’re not staying near one place, there’s no point in settling down in one place.

Just base out of high sec: simple, convenient and free. NPC stations already have everything you’ll need: storage and hangers.

So I should just give up?

You should decide for yourself. It’s your gameplay.

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I’ll go to WH space then

As a counter-point to this post, here are some arguments for why you shouldn’t base in NPC stations and daytrip in wormholes, and why anchoring a structure in wormhole space can be better:

  1. Having a structure in wormhole space means you can run industry jobs with your own taxes and indices+you can configure structures to your taste.
  2. Wormhole PI can be quite lucrative and you miss out on it if you don’t have a permanent base/access to untaxed POCOs.
  3. Basing out of a wormhole allows you to reroll connections conveniently (takes 5 minutes per wormhole with 2 characters), to find better holes for logistics, krabbing or PVP. This can make it a lot safer and more reliably lucrative than relying on hisec WH connections (which could be crawling with third parties).
  4. Despite the Siege Green structure nerf, wormhole structures are still very affordable for anything that can be called a ‘group’ or ‘corp’, so the risk of getting bashed someday generally doesn’t outweigh the rewards you’ll make with convenient access to w-space.

NPC NULL SEC :] its great you dont need sov but you can take the lands by being dangerous enough to scare people away.

There is tons of it that is completely empty for like 5 jumps 99% of the time.

I have lived everywhere in eve and npc null is by far my favourate.

If you ever decide to give a try and live in a WH space come join Wormlife discord Wormlife Freeports. We set up lots of stations in a different whs for everyone to try WH space