Is there ANY unclaimed land or should I just give up and go to WH space?

in terms of general numbers, sure, but in terms of “sov gameplay”, they will come by with a super cap fleet, reinforce your structures, and re-capture the zone within a month.

and then that will become a monthly occurrence for you to deal with, as they are the big mean bully on the block and you almost certainly do not have a means to get a comparable sized force to contest with them.

The larger rub will be that you will NOT get enough isk from those areas to make the venture worth it, or to sustain that. The only thing you will gain in e-peen from owning sov – Which if that is your goal, then by all means go for it! Just don’t expect to get huge amounts of billions of isk from mining moons and PI as would the rorq group that the larger alliance has, and don’t expect any of the super cap manufacturing efforts to complete before the structure gets killed.

If you don’t mind not having SOV, then there are a number dead sections of non-FW sections of lowsec that you could move into and take over.

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C4s are free real estate, and have been forever. The Two statics are really nice.
I’ve held them down with 1-5 people throughout the years. A larger group should have no problem.
Just plop down an Athanor and give it a go. Gather in your statics. If you’re willing to aggressively roll, there are lots of resources on the board.

Go throw you a structure down in an empty wh and go get the content you want dude. WH space is both the safest and also most dangerous space to live. If you prepare and plan and do things correctly you can be almost perfectly safe for a short period of time assuming you’re not being camped ofc. Watch a few videos learn the tricks and go for it.

The biggest tip I can give is to stay as liquid as possible at all times if you’re a small corp. Only keep the things you need for the content you’re doing in the hole and remove all products/salvage etc frequently.

High sec islands can be also a nice option for a safe space outside of the usual high sec troubled regions. There are several of those islands available

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