Are there any years old unfixed bugs (that are not a feature) left in EVE?

Lol. The new ccp doesnt even have the ability to fix old code. This is going to be funny.

Doesn’t have the ability, or simply doesn’t care because fools will keep paying them either way?


Nobody has more bugs? Well I add two more long time bugs that I encountered yet again today.

  1. sometimes when you enter system all bookmarks you have in that system are invisible to you in space. (They can still be used by right-click menu)
  2. locator agent sometimes takes the money, but never let you know. I don’t think this happened with level 3, but it happened a few times with level 1 to me.

Can confirm sometimes happens to me too, though as I barely sign in for like 15 mins a day most cases it was many months ago it last occurred.

Note that sometimes turning off the bookmark indicators then back again in the display settings above your capacitor display can help but not always. Re-docking sometimes also help but also not guaranteed.

Can also confirm with the same details as the previous one though there seems to be no workaround for this one.

  1. Sometimes when you log in, the notification feed shows dozen of new notifications, which you already saw and read. And sometimes it shows no new notifications, when there are unread ones. Happens pretty much every login actually.
  1. The initial automatic d-scan that happens when undocking (and having the d-scan open) doesn’t find anything in 90% of times and another manual scan has to be made.

This one became a norm so I didn’t even think of it as a bug lol and that is why I didn’t mention it in my initial post.


There is a difference between a missing feature and bug though.

I add another one.

  1. Renaming ship in space sometimes doesn’t work and when you dock it still has old name in inventory.
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Here’s a long time bug - Station interior sounds and music. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

Esc menu has 2 different music options, override Dynamic music with Classic Eve music, one works and the other one doesn’t.

Use ‘Battle’ music option doesn’t work.

Character Customization screen has it’s own music but when that screen is active, the in-station music / sounds are mixed in with it.

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I don’t know if anyone submitted the report for this one. Here goes:
Star map location markers don’t show beacons when zooming up solar system selected.
Stumbled on this today when I was searching for potential systems to check if there are Jove Observatories. They show up in overview as beacons.

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  • The titles of some daily challenges for killing drones don’t make it clear these are only abyssal drones.
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  • When attempting to accept an epic arc the agent will sometimes say “I have already offered that to another pilot” or something to that effect. This can go on for weeks until the agent suddenly realizes it can give the mission to more than one person. (I’m guessing its a database error and is checking the wrong player to see if they’ve started but not completed that arc.)
  • When using the jump/dock/activate gate command, ships frequently fail to jump through a stargate or dock at a station.

this one is huge for me.

It almost never works and i have to just spam the dock/jump button as the ship drops out of warp.

Doing new activity today reminded me the old bug with filters. Sometimes the overview filter, specifically to not show corp/fleet/alliance members doesn’t work correctly and it shows some of them in tab where they shouldn’t show. So that’s number 16.

I also found a new bug, don’t remember seeing this before but maybe someone also ran into this: I had keep range default value set to 21.000m yet when I clicked on my target my ship was actually keeping range to 1000m instead. Re-setting the keep at range to 21000 didn’t fix it. Had to se to 20000 and then 21000 and now it finally works properly again. I don’t think I changed keep at range with that toon like ever, but maybe I changed it on another toon on the same account some time ago.


Yeah it is strange that UI settings are per account and not per character. Sometimes it is handy, like setting up new overview tabs/filters.

It could be per ship even…

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  1. Sometimes when multifitting ships, or maybe fitting them via “fit button” I am not exactly sure when did this happen, the modules’ order is reversed. (And while you might think it is harmless or meaningless, it actually cased me to fail ganks so definitely not meaningless :wink: )

  2. Sometimes the fitting window still shows the module after you unfitt and I think it prevents you to fit anything else despite the PG and CPU actually changed. Restarting the fitting window UI solves it.

EDIT oh and I forgot about this one

  1. Fitting window likes to jump elsewhere on the screen as if you dragged it there, but you didn’t.

Default Orbit distance and default keep at range distance is remembered per ship hull type.

Ex 1: If you hop into a Catalyst, it’ll load the „catalyst default“ for orbit and keep at range, then if you hop into a Tristan it’ll load the „Tristan default“ for orbit and keep at range.

Ex 2: It doesn’t remember for specific ships, so if you have a kite Breacher and a Brawl Breacher, there will only be one default remembered not two (so don’t accidentally „orbit 500“ default with your kiting ship!)