Are there any years old unfixed bugs (that are not a feature) left in EVE?

Ah okay so then it is another bug. I thought it was the case, but it is not remembered correctly so then I came to conclusion that it is not.

Maybe the problem lies in the fact that while it is remembered per ship hull type it is shared between all characters on same account. But I guess that still doesn’t explain why I had 21000 (range I use with thrasher) with catalyst… (and no, I didn’t use any railgun kiting/pve catalyst in a few years…)

Here’s an annoying little bug.

Sometimes when dragging the log-in booster to a character from the Launcher redeem queue, the Launcher will flash a message that the character currently has that booster slot active, then after logging in you see that character doesn’t have an active booster.

Those Log-in boosters only last for a few hrs when activated. And since the log-in reward only cycles to those boosters once every few days it’s definitely a bug.

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capacitor flux coils have always been strictly inferior to capacitor power relays, i think shield flux coils/shield power relays ditto