Are there any years old unfixed bugs (that are not a feature) left in EVE?

Ah okay so then it is another bug. I thought it was the case, but it is not remembered correctly so then I came to conclusion that it is not.

Maybe the problem lies in the fact that while it is remembered per ship hull type it is shared between all characters on same account. But I guess that still doesn’t explain why I had 21000 (range I use with thrasher) with catalyst… (and no, I didn’t use any railgun kiting/pve catalyst in a few years…)

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Here’s an annoying little bug.

Sometimes when dragging the log-in booster to a character from the Launcher redeem queue, the Launcher will flash a message that the character currently has that booster slot active, then after logging in you see that character doesn’t have an active booster.

Those Log-in boosters only last for a few hrs when activated. And since the log-in reward only cycles to those boosters once every few days it’s definitely a bug.

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capacitor flux coils have always been strictly inferior to capacitor power relays, i think shield flux coils/shield power relays ditto


The game will not recognize anything that is a container. For example if you tried to organise your item hangar by putting minerals in one container and blueprints in another then when you open the industry window the game is just like ???

Same thing goes for fitting window. If you put ammo in one container, modules in another, and so on, then when you try to apply a fit to a ship the game is just like ??? where are the stuff?

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Strange I had no problem with that :thinking: Are you sure you’d set input dropdown (above the product image panel) correctly?

Now with the fitting issue. That is a conundrum I encountered as well and rage quit …from my EVE session :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a funny one :wink: A trained skill in my queue :wink:

I can’t move it up and when I try this pop-ups:

And when I try to remove it…

I wonder what will happen when it reaches front of the queue :thinking: Will New Eden explode?
…we will learn in 11 days :smiling_imp:

Is this new?

Update: World collapse called off :slight_smile: I moved Jury Rigging V down in the queue and trained Jury Rigging IV cleared itself from the queue :wink:

  1. Anytime there is an event and thus two “queves” for daily login rewards. Sometimes, randomly after logging an account which already claimed both rewards, the game still shows the daily login queve popup UI.

  2. When jump or dock is done while at the same time selecting one of the options of a dropdown menu in any UI (for example choosing contract length when making a contract) the dropdown menu will close (understandable) and will be locked completely (a bug). You won’t be able to choose from it anymore until you reset the whole UI containing this element.

  1. A channel or conversation invitation will be automatically accepted as long as the recipient has the player inviting him in contacts with any standing. This can be abused to griefing. Should only apply for blue standings.

Here’s a few:

  • if you change a skin while in warp, you get that persistent engine sound afterwards
  • “clear Notifications” does either nothing, or only half. It appears that it only works more or less when you have the Notifications window open and spam that clear button
  • accumulating notifications across characters

At this point in time I assume it is safe to say chat issues are an old unfixed bug in the game. :upside_down_face:

(As chat issues pop in and out of existence from time to time.)


Ship preview window with compact margins makes the preview panel go out the border in the right side.

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Last night was fun for that. even after 2nd reboot local was sometimes blank for me.

Will you have local or no? Well jump in and see. Kind of worked out. you don’t know who was in local if bugged out. But they didn’t know you were there either.

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4:is it because your warp speed different and you see this when you warping

No, that was observed when smartbombing - sitting stationary next to gate.

These ships had all the same warp speed. Sometimes they shown directly behind me, but when I press bombs, they were not hitting my target. It didn’t happen often, maybe 1 of 20 attempts. And I made hundreds.

It is impossible to consistently smartbomb in any other way than wait for the ship to land behind you in range of gate because of this. If you hit the bombs before that (say when your target appears next to you), the chance you hit nothing is almost 50%. It might depend on ship type of course.

And no, I wasn’t too late - ie. they weren’t invulnerable because they already too the gate. Often it happened that while first 1-2 bombs didn’t hit anything, third hit my target.

When you drag a link into chat it inserts spaces before and after. Probably by design but its been irritating me for more than a decade. I’d rather zero or one space than two.

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