Are there anything Perfect in Eve?

(Mayhaw Morgan) #21

I agree that EVE mimics life’s principle, but I think you misunderstand it. The strong do not need to gang up on the weak. They really have no need to dominate them at all. You can ignore the weak. But the weak will always conspire to restrain the strong, to disrupt their advance, to corrupt their virtue, to siphon away their strength, to misdirect them with words like “The strong will dominate the weak.” What does a brilliant man gain from beating a fool? What does a strong man gain from beating a crippled one? How can a rich man profit from robbing the destitute? LOL

(Abyss Azizora) #22

Umm… some ship appearances are perfect. Perfection is near unobtainable.

(Tiddle Jr) #23

Your hood umm… Can’t hear you well…

(Samuel Triptee) #24

Perfection in Eve? Nope… not going to happen. However, 37000 people logged in… 6000 in one system and the other 31000 still playing the same game… perfectly fine with me.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #25

EvE, Perfectly Imperfect

–So is Gadget

(Abyss Azizora) #26

“Mutters inaudible curses and muffled insults through his hood as he walks away.”

(March rabbit) #27

Be careful, ideas like this lead to revolutions. “They are only bunch of useless losers, we can ignore them”. And suddenly you find youself banished from your empire. Or in need of using military forces right in your main city.

Real powers never underestimate any "weak"s. They watch "weak"s closely and ensure that "weak"s will not get stronger.

(Nate Hill) #28

Officially punishing PVE players.

(Old Pervert) #29

Dominate, no. But consume…

I view most of the actions of Eve players against other players more as a circle of life consumption event, rather than a “domination/assertion/seat of power” style event. Salt is a staple food around here :laughing:

Some people certainly stroke their egos with the dominance objective, and I agree with the rest of your post about it being pointless at best.

(Jorad Todako) #30

Warp Drive Active.

(mkint) #31

ship spinning has always been a high priority at CCP.

(Mayhaw Morgan) #32

This from a philosophy of despair and fear. Taken to its extremes, it dictates that we destroy everything around us while continuing to live . . . forever. That is an unGodly idea and it must be opposed.

I dare you to do better.

I’m not afraid of revolution. I’m counting on it.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #33

My God can kick your god’s ass.
–Ancient Amarran Proverb

I would like to point out that we are playing immortal space gods in a dystopian universe.
That’s the setting of the game as given.

Doom and Gloom is working as intended.

–Gadget will live forever

(no actual religious commentary is implied)

(LouHodo) #34

Honestly, the thing that keeps me coming back to Eve is the fact it is not perfect. It is almost like life, there are flaws, exploits and issues. There are idiots in charge of powerful nations/corps, and smart people running nothing important.

The thing that Eve does best is let its flaws be shown. This is the ONLY game that has a CSM system where the players can actually meet with the developers. They bring forth issues, and try and improve the game. Instead of having some developers who sit in an office and talk amoungst themselves and dont bother to discuss anything with the community.

Eve is the perfect micro-social experiment where the laws and rules are few and far between, and the people seek to force their own laws and rules, lack of them. But ultimately shows, money is what makes the world go around.

(March rabbit) #35

It’s not a philosophy or anything. It’s simply the most reasonable thing to do when you are on the top. (And if you don’t want to lose it).

Yes, you might count on revolution. But this is only because it’s not revolution against you. Check this conversation again when you get on top and have something to lose. :grin:

(Mayhaw Morgan) #36

I’m American. I AM on top.

(Tiddle Jr) #37

i’m North Korean and i’m laughing at you

(system) #38

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