Are there anything Perfect in Eve?

So many threads on the how bad things are and broken mechanic and meta etc.
But in general there are many things which are work perfectly well or nearly close to it.

Or maybe I’m wrong with that…

People tend to just focus on the negatives because its effecting their game play but if it was really bad none of us would be here posting about it either xD, just some balance needs to be done atm there is a lot of stuff that is over powered and under powered that needs attention but overall the game is still very healthy :]


Antimatter seems to work well.


I’ve heard void bombs do the job not bad as well.

‘Sockets Closed’

Working as intended.


Lot of stuff to do. And no matter what it is you do, and no matter who good you get at it… There is always somebody out there doing something different, and they could kick your arse good and well at it. As a virtual simulator of being a slug and trying to survive, thrive, and evolve in an ecosystem of big risks and big opportunites-- about as perfect as it gets, so far.


Single shard really does it for me. what’s the point of an MMO if there are segmented populations and I can’t play with my friends because they chose a different server, or starting race. Having different regional servers really bothers me too.

also I can shoot anyone at any time, that’s a huge plus. I don’t often want to shoot friendlies but I’ve been in a few situations where it would have been nice.

Other games are fun for a while but I always come back to eve.


Grinding works well, if you willing to do it…m

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I’d consider a fully researched BPO to be “Perfect”.


I would honestly love a position for Game Design / Balance / Eve Economy at CCP Games.

  1. More Player Freedom
  2. Less CCP Greed and Sellouts
  3. More Player Driven Content
  4. Buff Economy of Lower taxes and Buff to Contracts System aka Player Driven Hauling
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Our Saviour, Father of the New Order and Supreme Protector of Highsec James 315 and his untainted love for every true capsuleer is perfect.


The Log-Off button in Esc menu works perfectly.




That has led to less player content. Remember how citadels are a driver for player driven content? They suffocated content all over EVE since introduction.

Remember that taxes and fees are already lowered significantly, and look how much more content that created. So much more fun and engagement and enjoyable gameplay.

That I agree with. The current SKINs sell system need to be post birth aborted and skins made available for gameplay, not RL wallets.

Other than that: Yesterday, a 110 people fleet of my group caused tidi and traffic control on 10 out of 15 gates on a route. That was fun, too.
Granted, it was not nearly as much fun as the tidi and traffic control and disconnects and unresponsiveness in 9-4, but still great fun.


The chat bubbles seem to function flawlessly.


Most stuff actually works in-game we just love to complain alot

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The underlying principle of the game is what keeps me.

The principle is identical to life. In the end, strong people will always beat weak people. You can be strong by being very good at what you do, you can be strong by having a lot of people working to the same objective. Regardless, they are strong and they will destroy something weaker for any reason they wish. Or not, if they wish it.

In the end, their success is earned. Morality be damned, honor, fair-play, none of it matters.

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You should mention proper tools. Since we are all been given same set of tools here in game which you have to use.

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an artillery wrecking shot is perfect

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Your perfectly safe when your docked and logged out in a npc station. Thats nice…

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