ARENA: All previously expressed concerns addressed

Im an industrialist…

For me to support the idea,
1.) The ships used have to remain at market cost.
2.) Such an arena has to be like, a CCP mandate feature.
3.) Maintenance fees and such(like a monthly cost) for team upkeep and such has to be met(think Solaris from the Battletech Universe and its stables)
4.) There has to be brackets within Brackets, and reasons for Pilots to want to be part participation.
5.) I think a special currency would have to exist for particpating pilots that can only be used at this arena.
6.) A proper ranking(s) system needs to be developed.
7.) CCP needs to let us be able to place bets on participants (Caldari Blood sports come to mind here)

I think the idea is that all ships used are “virtual”. Think a simulator that our capsuleer plug into to play, so there should be no costs whatsoever.

Ofc whatever happens inside the computer game does nothing to “reality”, and maybe prizes will be given to top teams in a manner similar to alliance tournament but at significantly lower stakes/ value.

Mostly it will just be epeens and ■■■■.

ok so we buy 1 token of gameplay for 1 million ISK? like buying 4 arcade tokens for a dollar?

Max and Jitus, thanks for joining in. I’d like to hear as many voices as possible on this. Please check interest in your circle and have them share their opinion.

Everyone else: it’s like Shutter Island in here, just when you think there may be a breakthrough, the patient starts from the beginning again.
I wont shoot down all the nonsense piece-by-piece yet again, so Ill leave some ADD friendly essential reiterations:

-I am not advocating free ships. Reduced cost perhaps, but even that is secondary to simply an arena where ppl can pvp in any pre-agreed manner. This eliminates any economy crashing fears.

-No one is forcing anyone to use the arena; that’s some creative paranoia.

-All other ‘dirty’ pvp will still exist, since the arena displaces none of it.

-Neither the whole of Eve nor Sisi is an arena. No arena function currently exists anywhere in Eve. Despite people wanting it, its nigh impossible to enforce on anything but a very small and local scale.

-I, and most others, are in corps, are on comms, play often enough, have friends, go on roams etc, and still have a hard time finding pew. Anyone who claims otherwise is in a truly special place, and/or has an agenda.
If you are a US Senator or corp bigwhig like Keno and have access to perfect, varied pvp with one text (I’ll give you the respect of not saying this is just an idea)-- super, congratulations. For the rest of us, there needs to be another solution.

So chess with pigeons going nowhere as expected, we’re left with what societies are usually left with, which is to simply
I know for a fact there are many people at least interested in it because I’ve flown around and spoken w you in game. The voices on this thread certainly dont represent everyone by a longshot.
It’s not the time to be shy- create an alt if you’re afraid of your friends or corp judgement.

Whatever your opinion is: yeay, nay, or conditional, please make it known.

Its not going to happen. There will be no arena. It would wreck parts of the game that would start a fail cascade that may take a few years but would end up ruining eve.

If you want to set up a tourny, find some people, build a bracket and post rules in a quiet system, have them start a duel and let them fight. Thats the only way its going to happen.

So once you consolidate the PVP into one area those who don’t want it will have an even harder time finding a fight which will drive even more players to it, thus killing open PVP.

You’re not looking for pew, you can find that in literally any lowsec, nulsec or wormhole system you want at any time day or night. You also clearly don’t have enough friends that there is ever one online and willing to play with you, or you wouldn’t need this ridiculous arena thing :blush:

Well collected.
Needs some balance and work around the edges, but i like the direction.

However, economy is driven by demand. which is mainly by stockpiling (source: monthly economic report). only a third of demand is destruction.
I strongly advise against the “doing it cheaper”. Flying a ship should be earned, by giving the one that made it a reward of some kind (often isk).
To connect this argument with the demand aspect: If two teams enter the arena and only one comes out, half of all invested assets are lost. (not counting the lootfairy things).

Its hard to manually balance a reward system. So there must be a ressource that is demanded and that is rewarded to the only survivor of this arena. If that is the only source, you have a reward, that will balance all investments and the fun.
However, you should not be allowed to choose your opponent, because then, purposefully loosing would be an exploit. (see “why bounties dont work” for comparison).
Abyssal sites are a good technology to expand upon. I made a concrete proposal here:

Keep your chin up!

No you didn’t it is a terrible idea.

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You may not like it. But its still a proposal that i made.

God I love these threads.

All the ‘leet PvP’ gankbears shedding endless salty tears that an arena would ruin their predatory PvP fun. I mean, god forbid we actually do some spaceship pew pew in a manner that’s so universally fun that the entire playerbase would spontaneously drain into it never to return.

All of your concerns about the economy are shortsighted balderdash. All you have to do is make a copy of each ship with “Arena” at the beginning of the name, only allow them to be used in the arena, and make them cost a tenth of the minerals to produce. Now the market has a reason to give a steep discount on the price. You don’t even have to change the modules. Bonus points if you make their packaged volume tiny so they are easy to move around

Every person willing to PvP that moves to arena combat remove that person from open space. Every ship lost in an arena instead of open space cost a lot less resources from the market, screwing around with that too.

Arenas are a terrible idea within the EvE single shard system. No thanks.

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You assume that someone who goes to the arena would have stayed otherwise. That’s probably a bad assumption.

Your assumption of how it screws with the economy is off as well. You assume that each ship lost in the arena would have been risked and lost in space as well. That’s also probably a bad assumption. The lowered cost means that more ships will be risked and lost. Resources leaving the game through destruction is all that matters to the health of the economy, regardless of one big bite or 10 smaller chuncks. Many ships leave dock, roam around, and go home without fighting or exploding— but with an arena that won’t happen. Someone will explode and it won’t take all night.

Furthermore, it does not cut them off from the game. the arena ships must still be produced and transported. Modules must be produced and fit to them. Minerals are being gathered, which means supply chains and haulers are still a part of it.

i can try every single pilot there. You can even bring friends with you. I dont care. come on pilot, we messure how brave you are

Clearly not universally fun if there are people that don’t like the idea.

If you could organize your thoughts and present them in a readable format, that would be great.

Aside from all ingame and technical concerns, I think an arena style could be fun. After all people do like duels, and Arenas would be nothing but more sophisticated duels. You can easily work out the details like ship loss, locations, highsec vs nullsec, and so on, and make this a fun part of Eve and PvP entrance for beginners.

Or you could just join RvB


What is it with “YOU CAN ALWAYS JUST RVB”.

Lets say I want to organise a corp fleet fight practice, does it need to go on SISI always? The suggestion will get most corps an easier way to derp around with fits, practice, without incurring actual losses rather than the normal : “Stop as soon as you get to structure” and someone inadvertently misclicking.

No. Turn friendly fire on for the Corp and fire away. Or go to lowsec, null or jspace.

Shooting each other isn’t an issue.

Without incurring actual loss doesn’t encourage anything other than using the arena. If you are scared of loss now, having no loss arenas available isn’t going to change that. They’ll still be just as averse to loss in the normal game.

The idea of a no-loss arena with limited access is just another fundamental change away fro what actually attracts a number of people to Eve.


If you cannot afford a few actual loses then there is really no point in training anyone to fight…