Ares needs useful hull bonus

I feel, that optimal/tracking bonus on Ares is wrong.

We don’t have resources (PG and CPU) to fit 125mm or 150mm railguns.
No damage bonus, so even if we squeeze those PG and CPU - damage is still carp even on Anti-matter!

We could change the shape of Ares a little bit.
Good example is Malediction.
It has damage bonus AND armor resists!
Also, I don’t understand why, but it also has more speed and less sig radius than Ares (being Amarr!).

Gallente thing is to have armor plate mass reduction bonus - how about to implement it on Ares?
Also, change application bonus to damage bonus - don’t be scared of high dps - one will fit NOS as a 3rd hi-slot anyway!

Change application bonuses on Ares (optimal+tracking of hybrids) to damage and armor plate mass reduction bonuses.

The Ares is not a combat ship but a fleet tackle. What you are looking for is the sister ship Taranis.


Have you tried blasters instead of railguns?

The Gallente ships, like Caldari have bonuses to hybrid weapons. However, the Gallente favour combat up-close with blasters, rather than the long range gameplay of railguns that Caldari are known for.

Using blasters instead of railguns would increase the damage a bit. And with the tracking and optimal range bonus these blasters can easily deal with any drones that are set on you by the ships you are trying to tackle.

Next, like Tipa mentioned, the role of the Ares is fleet tackle. If you want a Gallente interceptor with more damage, try the Tanaris.


If we compare Ares vs Malediction in a fleet tackle fits (NOS, targ rig, buffer fit etc…) the Amarr interceptor will be superiour because of armor resist bonus (also some other params as sig radius and speed).

To even this I think it would be a good idea to give Ares similar utility bonus… such as mass reduction from armor plate. That’s the idea (damage bonus or whatnot is last priority - safely ignore it!).

If you think that for a very specific fit and role the Malediction is better suited than the Ares, why not use a Malediction?

We fly gallente-only fleets :wink:
Also, I ordered 20 Malediction hulls from Jita, so you are completely right - waiting to test those little beasties!

I too prefer to fly Gallente ships!
But sometimes that means making the best of the strengths of the ship, instead of trying to make it do something that other ships do better.

And if another ship does something better, use that other ship instead.

If I want to fly a recon, I’d pick an Arazu an bring damps. But if we need webs a Rapier would be a better choice.