Argonauts - LF Low Sec Indy Pilots to Mine Moon Goo!- Building a New Breed of Miner

**Argonauts - LF Low Sec Indy Pilots to Mine Moon Goo!- Building a New Breed of Miner**

Our Sister Corp, Autism Cartel (, is a low sec PvP corp that has evicted all the other residents in our low sec pocket and has made strong relations with the more powerful and recognizable alliances in the area and is needing miners such as yourself to make the most of the lucrative low sec space that we have secured with our military and diplomatic relations! Whether you’re a veteran miner or an alpha clone in a venture - WE WANT YOU! Also if you’re wanting to blow some stuff up, we have you covered there as well! Plenty of EASY ISK making opportunities for the budding industrialist!

-Ore, Moon Goo, Ice, PI, Salvage, Drone Poop Buyback (based on Jita Prices)
-Two Ice Belts in Dead End Low Sec Pocket (+ ore anom spawns)
-PI POCO and Corp Tax Rates at 5%
-Plenty of ratting anoms and 6/10 and 5/10 DED Sites
-Stupid Cheap Fully Fitted Mining Barges for Corp Members and Replacement Program
-Citadel and Engineering Complex Support. Also High Yield Refineries!
-Tons of BPOs, including all capital parts and most sub-captial ships. Why pay top isk for BPC packs when you can get them at much lower rates or even sometimes for FREE?
-If you’re interested in PVP, we run fleets with experienced pilots all the time. Plus we are always on standby watching your back while you mine.
-Discord for Chat, TeamSpeak for Voice Comms
-Sister Corp of Autism Cartel!

What do we ask of you?

  1. Be on comms and in fleet when you’re playing. How else can we help you when you’re tackled?
  2. Live in our space and make ISK
  3. Sell what you harvest to the buyback program! We use the mins you mine to build more stuff and the isk generated here is to fund more corp activities and assets - LIKE MORE MOON GOO REFINERIES!

Requirements to Join:
-Full Account API w/ No Expiry
-No SP Requirement
-Newer players with a good grasp of the game’s mechanics and Bitter Vets are welcome to join.

Where are we located?
Amarr Low Sec Space

Visit our Pub Channel:
The Argonauts.
(don’t forget the period)

A Memoir from Junkie Cosmonaut (CEO of Autism Cartel):

I want to share a fun story with you…

Meet Doctor Blowfin, a Top 10 PvP Procurer Pilot of all-time in Eve Online ( It’s no doubt that he reminds me of the mad scientist who wants to do head transplants (

But without passion there can be no progress. One thing over the years in Eve I learned is the expression “Carebears with Teeth” or claws or whatever have you means one thing… “War Dec these guys and they will probably fight back giving us some content”- It doesn’t intimidate. What does intimidate is consistency of action. Last night, we gated a procurer around our space and not a single person engaged it. Why you might ask? Reputation and Fear. Hell, we even flew it through a nearby camp with an Orthrus, Kitsune, Huginn, and an Ares and upon decloaking the procurer, the enemy gang flew away… Let him show you what it really means to mine in pirate space and become the new meta of miners- Fearsome and Rich.

Just returned to EVE, willing to teach an old dog new tricks?

Drop into our public channel for a chat :slight_smile:

why not pack your highsec bags and come join us and make proper isk

Vacancies open for lowsec miners, make dank ask with us

From the little venture to the mighty rorqual, great mining content awaits :slight_smile:

Come and be a part of the new breed!

Moon Goo and Free Barges? JOIN TODAY!

Vagabond Pilot went to Kill one of our Procurers…shame, shame.

-1 Vagabond, -1 Crystal Implant Set

Mining. Kill. Goes back to Mining. Welcome to the Argonauts!

Great mining adventures await :slight_smile: Enlist today

Alpha and Omega miners wanted

get out of the highsec mining bubble today, regular mining ops, rare moon minerals and PvP available. Come join an exciting environment, Room now for a few alpha pilots :slight_smile:

Great leadership team with fantastic opportunities to make loads of isk and get content with the Autism Cartel! What are you waiting for!!!

Alpha pilots can get stuck in and immediatley start making isk. Veterans can enjoy a lucrative lowsec pocket with ice, ore and anomalies in abundance. Get in touch and join a great team.

Buyback is up! Automated buy back system that pulls prices from the eve servers every 30 minutes. Fair pay too and right in line with going market rates. Ya know, to make it even easier to make dank isk.

Our buyback spreadsheet is fully automated and for you to use. We have lucrative space for you to exploit and make great isk. Come join us today :slight_smile:

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