Argument for "Auto-Warp-To-Zero" as default

From my experience so far, EVE is mainly WAITING…and WAITING…and WAITING…

It is a boring game with sporadic, heart jumping events that show up in between the waits. But even they are few and far apart. Most of my waiting is just traveling across the universe trying to get from point A to point B.

Now, from a gaming standpoint, if waiting while your ship come out of warp, then sloooow crawl to the jump-gate to jump (wash-rinse-repeat x30) is your idea of FUN, then something is wrong.
Of course, if this is a mechanic to facilitate ganking, then why are you making it so easy for the gankers? If they want my loot, let them work for it. I would gladly give it up and even give them a reward for successfully chasing me down. At least it would be exciting, which is what a game is supposed to be…right?

Now, I could “nurse” the trip by hitting “jump to zero” just pre-warp (hoping my timing is right because once you are in warp, you cant do squat) but I often find my self waking up face first in my keyboard with copious amounts of drool all the keys. Let’s face it, the female “voice” in EVE is very soothing and will put you to sleep…jump after jump after jump after Zzzzzzz… :sleeping:

(maybe use a Marine Drill Sergeant voice instead? "WAKE UP MAGGOT!!! YOU’VE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION!!!)

Old timers will hate me for this BUT OLD TIMERS ARE JUST THAT, old. :older_man: But this horse is not dead yet so here goes…

MAKE “WARP TO ZERO” THE DEFAULT AND “WARP TO _xyz_Km,” the exception.

There is nothing game worthy about boring waits while you trek across the universe. It also kills the immersion aspects of the game…a highly advanced/technological universe where your consciousness can be transported light-years to other clones, but warp to zero cruise control has yet to be invented? Wut?

I feel that I and many others would log in more often and for longer periods of time with such a change. No one logs in to a game so they can wait and wait and wait…


  • Make auto-WTZ available to only certain ship types?
    Industrials come to mind since they are so damn slow.

  • Make auto-WTZ available only in High-Sec?
    *This will keep the low/null-sec cry-baby gankers happy and keep me awake in my high-sec traveling.

  • Make auto-WTZ a ship Module or Rig?
    Allowing players the option of adding it to their ship at the expense of a mod slot.

It’s time has come CCP, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


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What you smoking?! Warp to zero IS the default, except YOU changed it manually in the settings…

… or you use autopilot. LOL.


Warp to Zero is the default, unless you rely on Autopilot to take you 30 jumps while you AFK. And they left it that way on purpose, to give Gankers a chance to pop someone stupid enough to AFK their hauler full of loot along a well known trade route.


I meant in auto-pilot.


You complain about waiting, but use autopilot making your travel much slower … see the problem?


A better question is why is there so much resistance to this idea? How does it break the game?

It‘s quite simple, there is a benefit built-in for people actually playing the game. Travel is a balancing time sink and an element of risk. You are lazy? Travel takes longer and you risk losing your ship to ganks or NPCs.


Easy travel promotes a unified homogeneous environment. Without the unpleasantries of travel time, regional trade hubs would dry up in favor of a single universal hub. Without travel time, nobody has to commit to the region they’re in at the moment and can instead process whatever in a centralized way.

This forced separation is part of what keeps the game world dynamic and interesting. It opens opportunities for people who are willing to put in the effort to traverse those distances, or opportunities to those who are willing to provide local services in remote areas of space.

The faster and easier travel becomes, the harder it is for small groups to exert a palpable local influence against larger groups.

Of course, there’s a balance to strike. You don’t want local groups to run unchecked, or for inter-regional trade to be completely impractical, but chances are we’re closer to the ‘too unified’ universe than the ‘too isolated’ one.

I agree. Travel is a pain in the butt sometimes, but I think it has positive effects in excess of the detriment. There’s a lot to consider when tweaking an element that touches the lives of nearly every capsuleer in New Eden.


Sounds like you’re playing the game wrong. I didn’t bother to read the rest, stop being lazy.

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Here’s an idea: don’t go on autopilot if you want to get somewhere quickly and safely. Actively playing the game should give you an advantage over setting a (legal) bot to play the game for you and walking away.

Lazy? It’s a game…I’m supposed to enjoy it, not feel like it’s a chore. Micromanaging warp-to-zero is not fun nor challenging. And elements of travel/risk apply to low/null…but Hi-sec?

auto pilot is retard feature. unless you warp to insta dock.

Don’t be a retard, don’t use this.

Micromanaging auto-warp to zero over 30-40 jumps in hi-sec is not “actively” playing the game.

You didnt bother reading the rest but you are calling me lazy? Oh the irony.

I guess cruise control on cars/airplanes is a retard feature also?

this is not car/plane feature, this is eve online. keep using AP if you are a retard

So you find micro-managing warp to zero from gate to gate, enjoyable game-play? Isn’t that what games are supposed to be…FUN?

I’m glad I could help solve your problem. Safe travels, friend.

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