Arsia Elkin for CSM 16!

I wish you succed!

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  • Seven years of experience with the game mode.
  • Most of it whilst FCing.
  • Having good ideas about how to fix it.

A certain Amamake pirate will also be on my list, because I appreciate candidates who have knowledge of the lifestyle in the area, but I’d rather prioritize candidates from the militias themselves, rather than the vultures who see the area as nothing more than a hunting/recruitment ground. There is nothing ■■■■■■■ over pirate gameplay, but there’s plenty of things wrong with FW.

That said I am sort of in agreement that people should pick a side and stick to their guns, but if someone leaves the warzone after 7 years of service because they no longer vibe with their side, I’m not going to fault them for that. Frankly considering the average behaviour of Amarr-Mil I’m impressed she lasted that long. There’s good people there like P.I.E. Dam Thorsad, Briscou, Geronomofo and Healfdeane, but the vast majority seem hell bent on channeling that frat boy vibe into local chat. Not saying that everyone on the Minmatar side is a saint either, but at least I can tell those to drop fleet and go ■■■■ around on Twitter if they want to behave that way.

She’d have to get elected first to propose those changes. And then CCP would actually have to listen. Both of those things are herculean tasks. I don’t see any other FW players stepping up to try though.

I agree in spirit, but practically speaking I would recommend CCP forms a partnership with and puts a team into the API integration required.
For this alone, I would put your name next to Mike_Azariah, second only because he has been at this business longer.

Are you sure you want to get muzzled by contract?
Will this mean we get to see less of you on-stream?

Yes, but only after devs gain the courage to mulch the agents in space [Dunamantic noodle] code and develop a modular replacement.

Probably not, no. Roaming around in a Harbinger, spouting memes about pizza doesn’t break the NDA! :smiley:


Sadly i cannot vote for someone who has a track record of leaking confidential information from command channels to her CEO, if it weren’t for that she would be on the consideration list, but alas, we shall all be held accountable for our previous actions :slight_smile:

Arsia not only leaked information but her alliance leader even attempted to try and harass me on discord over it, apparently the truth is too painful

Agree to disagree, given the channel was 100% restricted with an ACL that prevented anyone else from even seeing it the assumption is that channel was private, which makes the information inside it private

Its the same as having a meeting in a room with a locked door, you can dislike that but its common sense

Yes, trust that arsia violated, so why should we trust her now?

We all trusted her to keep that information private and nobody gave her permission to share what was said in a private channel nobody else had access to, Debes apparently doesn’t understand that you can have a channel viewable but restrict peoples access to type in it, if he had wanted the channel to be like that he should have made it like that and not hidden it away entirely from view

Citation needed, not that you can actually provide proof at this point, given she didn’t even attempt to defend herself despite there being evidence which very clearly placed the person sharing the image in her timezone using her preferred use of the mobile version of discord, so i’m wondering why given that evidence, she didn’t say anything, neither did anyone else at the time either

Very very suspicious, i mean an innocent person would defend themselves when presented with that level of evidence

Oh she can continue to run, but that won’t prevent me from making sure people are aware of what she did

Apologies. New guy here. Need some definitions:

  • RP. (Role Play? There’s role playing in EVE?)
  • F1 monkey.
  • What is the spreadsheet’s reference? (Looks interesting yet I have no idea what it’s talking about.)

Again, apologies for the wet-behind-the-ears questions. Thank you kindly.

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allow me

Yes there is rp, here in the fourums go look at the intergalactic summit
F1 monkey is a line member in the big alliances who hits F1 (firing weapons) when told.
If you do industry, fitting comparisons, mining, you begin to see the need for spread sheets to track what works and what is a waste of time

hope that helps


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Being said CEO, let me answer this, as I already did on Twitter.

First of all, I would have rather kept this drama out of public eye, but since you insist.

Second, in the incident you refer to, there was no leak, because there wasn’t the kind of confidentiality you imagine there was. The channel you refer to did not have an NDA and it did not have an explicit arrangement of confidentiality. For confidentiality, it relied solely on mutual trust between individuals, and it was your own behavior in that organization that lead to that trust not extending to you.

Third, and most importantly, who told me what was going on in that drama council was not Arsia. Trying to take your dramaz out on her is an extremely low blow.

Fourth, neither was it any other one person, as despite you continuously imagining so, I had no spais inside your little drama club. Instead, more than one person in that group talked to me about what was going on there, especially when your dramas involved talking ■■■■■■■■ about me behind my back. If I recall correctly, more or less everyone there except for three particular people you can probably name did, at one point or another, and sometimes more than one talked about things together with me. Not because they were my spies, but because they were my friends.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Now take your dramaz back to where they came from and let Arsia’s campaign continue.


I endorse Arsia Elkin for CSM 16! I have had the privilege of working with Arsia from the Thebeka crisis in 2018 through her tenure as a co-executor in Khimi Harar from 2018 through 2020 and again as a fellow Senior FC in the EDENCOM Defense Initiative in 2020.

Her insights into PvP at the solo, small gang, and medium-fleet levels have routinely surprised me in their creativity and effectiveness and she is certainly at the forefront of EVE Online memeology.

As a fellow EDI Senior FC, I have only ever seen the highest qualities of integrity from her. Additionally, among the EDI Senior FCs, Arsia was routinely a voice of mediation—a skill that I am certain will serve her well as a CSM representative. Baseless accusations are unfortunately all too common in modern political campaigns but the ones levied against her from her time as an EDI Senior FC are indeed baseless.

Arsia Elkin and I now face each other on opposite sides of a brewing conflict. The possibility we will be shooting at each other increases by the day. But out of all possible opponents, I am glad to face one who is honorable, dedicated to the growth of EVE Online, and who is knowledgeable in a variety of PVP and PVE focuses.

Perhaps one day soon I will be able to count an Arsia Elkin Harbinger kill mail in my portfolio. But until then, please support her campaign!


Thank you Most Kindly!

Thank you Arsia!

Removed some offtopic/ranting discussions.


The EDENCOM Defense Initiative’s backbone came from loyalist alliances/corporations and the Militias of the Big Four. In the case of Amarr, LUMEN, PIE, YAFAM and AmarrMil contributed. In the case of the Caldari, CalMil contributed. In the case of the Gallente, NADSC and GalMil contributed. In the case of the Minmatar, EM, UK and MinMil contributed. These people provided the bulk of the FCs, line members and provided newbros with ISK if they couldn’t afford Ospreys, Scythes, Hurricanes or Feroxes.

In saying that, I do not wish to sell the people who were not a part of those militias, alliances and corporations short. Verum did good work with the SRP system, and so did people who assisted him with salvaging when he had to log off. There were some god tier Logi players like Sturmhardt who went above and beyond what was expected, by bringing Basilisks instead of Ospreys, tanking suicide gank after suicide gank and teaching newbros how to capchain and logi. There were people like Plato who probed down roaming fleets for hours, and people like tigeryi who had the willpower to get into a Naga and solo push systems the kybernauts weren’t focusing.

All those people made an active contribution. So let’s talk about you. I got into the invasions relatively early on, and I was there until the last day. Compared to other people, you were hardly ever in fleet, but you had ample time to continuously post sarcastic nonsense on Discord. People think the hardest part of my job was designing doctrine ships that new players could afford and skill into within a week whilst commanding fleets for 11 hours a day, but the hardest part was having to put up with your attitude problem. As far as I am concerned, your achievements amount to:

  • Antagonizing people until they quit, as was the case with Plato and Tiger,
  • Pissing off Debes so much that he got demoted for responding in kind,
  • Trying to make EDI players who lost ships in lowsec systems unelligible for SRP.

And now you come here and claim that this person’s moral character is in question because she spoke to the leader of her alliance (who did far more for EDENCOM despite your little attempt to keep him purged from the FC group) about your behaviour and actions, as if that somehow makes her an exception? You were the problem. All SRFCs except for you and Tabkit realized that, and spoke about it at length. Most of the JRFCs and line members who had the displeasure of being exposed to you for extended periods of time would come to us with complaints as well, which made it our responsibility to talk about it. I contemplated starting a vote to remove you multiple times, and would have easily had the required votes to do so. I did not do it out of consideration for Tabkit and Verum.

So let’s judge the situation by means of a hypothesis.

  • Imagine a locked meeting room.
  • You are in this locked meeting room.
  • With you are several other people, with whom you have a job to do.
  • These other people are employed by companies who represent the majority shareholders of the body that you and these other people represent.
  • You opt to do things that are against the interest of the joint venture.
  • Multiple lower ranking employees file reports about your behaviour to your colleagues on a regular basis.
  • Do you seriously expect that your colleagues will not report back to their CEOs about this?

If this had been a real life business, your presence would have been very short-lived.

And that’s where you’re wrong.

Firstly, if there is a systemic problem within EDI’s leadership then she has every right to inform her leadership about that so that they can reconsider whether they want to continue bothering with it.

Secondly, no, we did not trust her to keep that information private, because being a part of the leadership of a public fleet group does not entitle you to protection if we get complaints about you on a regular basis that force the rest of the leadership to discuss amongst themselves.

I was the one who spoke to Elsebeth. I do not know why this is not public knowledge. Honesty and transparency are more important to me than trying to cover up your attempts to sabotage people’s attempts to stop Triglavian invasions for the sake of your own ego.

And this is why I have given you the same treatment just now. I can not think of a worse judge of character than you, and having the audacity to come here to vent salt about how people responded to your negative behaviour merely solidifies that opinion.

To answer your first question, yes, there is roleplay in EVE.

  • There is an in-character channel named “The Summit”. Often has arguments because it’s Amarrians, Gallenteans, Caldari, Minmatar, Null-block members and even the occasional Sansha’s Nation drone stuck in one channel, but it’s better than reading local chat for sure.
  • There are in-character forums on this website, which you can find here.
  • There is also a discord server frequented by most roleplayers where they discuss all sorts of stuff out of character.
  • Whilst most of the cringe in local chat is ignored, CCP holds all actions committed by all player characters to be a part of the lore. Any references to real life are simply written off as capsuleer dementia resulting from losing too many clones.

To answer your second question, F1 monkey refers to a person who only fights in fleets and only follows orders. I don’t have a poor opinion of those people because discipline and firepower are the foundations of EVE, but in an ideal scenario a player should always strive to be competent in a fleet, solo and smallgang context.

To answer your third question, the spreadsheet represents the amount of Loyalty Points that a person receives for completing a complex in factional warfare. So an Open in T1 would grant 15k LP, whereas an open in tier 5 would give 97,5k LP. One LP equates to roughly 1000 ISK because no one will sell it for less than a four digit number unless they’re doing a friend a favour. This LP is used for everything from Faction ships to Faction modules to Faction ammunition.

Having defended someone against a character attack that is undeserved, and having answered some questions, I hope that this thread can return to it’s intended purpose.


And thats fine, but i’m not the one running

The evidence provided says otherwise sorry

We can all be grateful for that.

I am not saying she didn’t speak to her superiors. I am saying I most decidedly did, and that I see no moral conundrum in discussing a problem with people who have to deal with pointless drama because of said problem.

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Thing is, despite your wall of text, there was no reason for her to speak to her “superiors”, there was nothing operationally related in what she shared, and to be fair, if her superiors were to be involved they would have been present, now remind me which EM leader had his rank stripped for not following orders and was removed from said channel?

Oh right

At the end of the day, the default assumption for normal people is that a discussion in a private room with only select individuals present is private and that sharing its contents outside of that especially when not related to actual operations isn’t acceptable, as she has demonstrated, you’re free to disagree but the facts are the information from a private channel was shared outside of that channel, and that fact is something that voters deserve to know :slight_smile:

There absolutely was. It’s called honesty and transparency with co-workers in a non-NDA environment. It wasn’t a private channel. We were there to stop the Triglavians, and most normal people understand that this requires communication.

That would be Debes, who took his people to Arshat, which was the correct thing to do since Konola was a Caldari system which could not be defended. Instead, Arshat was saved, and became the first and only system where a Stellar Transmuter was captured by EDENCOM. He was then illegally demoted by someone who did not have the authority to do so. Only a majority vote from the SRFC council could legally do that. It took months to rectify that mistake. The fact that you are defending that violation of procedure as a good policy decision only serves as yet another indication that your judgment is flawed.

The claim that you are making is that someone would violate a legally binding non-disclosure agreement with an IRL company because she spoke to the people she ought to be talking to about things they ought to know, regarding stuff that was happening in a pick-up fleet group in a videogame. Do you genuinely take what you are writing seriously?


And most normal people also assume that a chat channel with restricted access is hidden for a reason, i mean, you’re free to disagree but ultimately you need to try and convince normal people that a secured channel with a restricted ACL wasn’t private

So you’re saying its perfectly fine to defy the majority instructions of others? because thats what Debes did and you’re defending his choice, doesn’t matter if it was the right or wrong choice, the fact remains, he decided not to follow democracy and instead took it upon himself to attempt to run EDI like a dictatorship

No, the point i’m making is that she seems unable to use common sense to keep things secure unless she is explicitly told to, and i don’t think anyone with that level of flawed decision making should be in any position where confidential information could be shared, now you’re entitled to your opinion to be sure, however, as has been demonstrated numerous times before by other people, an NDA isn’t a guarantee that information won’t be shared, and given her track record anyone voting for her should consider her actions and realise that signing the NDA doesn’t immediately mean she won’t share the information

I mean, the world might appear to be black and white to you, but its very much shades of grey, and in this instance Arsia has clearly demonstrated she is happy to walk the grey line and disregard common sense

Okay dude. I have tried to explain the situation as it is multiple times. I am not investing any further effort into repeating myself. Enjoy your delusional view.

Arsia has my vote.

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