Silver Suspiria [FEDUP-XO] for CSM 13

Silver Suspiria [FEDUP-XO] for CSM 13

Greetings pilots of New Eden, I am Silver Suspiria and I am running for CSM 13. Please let me take a moment to introduce myself and state my approach and goals as a candidate of this years CSM.

Why CSM?
In my real life career as an IT Director at a global Fortune 100 company, I have had the opportunity to serve on Consumer Advisory Boards for multiple organizations. I view the duty of a CSM member as very similar. It’s a great way for a company to get direct feedback from their customers who use their product every day. I feel I can use my real life experience in such a position to channel meaningful and constructive input from our community back to the business that maintains the game we all love so much. I intend to focus my attention on low sec, faction war, and small to medium gang PVP. This is a section of EVE Online that is critical to further growth of the game. It offers an important alternative to big block NULL sec game play for both New and Veteran players. PVP content is very stagnant in this area of the game. We are seeing more and more groups moving out in search for content. I feel over all we must look at a reward and incentive plan that encourages offense. We need an updated set of mechanics in Faction Warfare that encourages active competition for war zone control and less rewards for allowing war zone control to be artificially controlled for the purposes of ISK / LP farming. Attention to this area of the game is important to EVE and CCP and as a member of CSM I would work very hard to explore with CCP ways to nurture and improve this fantastic mode of play.

My History:
The Beginning:
I am a B-R baby, I was introduced to EVE Online watching the coverage of the battle of B-R. I am a gaming news buff and was following this gaming history making fight. I had of course heard of EVE Online prior, however, as a Thirty Something father of one with one on the way, who has time for an MMO right? I took the plunge and cut my teeth as a PVP pilot watching streamers like Fintarue and Sardcaid as well as participating in Sir Squeebles public fleets. I developed a love for solo, Low Sec, Frigate PVP and found my available game time was well suited for that.

Sucked In:
It wasn’t long before my time spent fighting EVERYTHING I could find in a Novice and Small Faction War site as a pirate got the attention of the locals. Recruiters from Mecha Enterprises Fleet (XMETA) reached out to me. It was a perfect fit, a small Faction War corp who focused on intense, highly skilled, small gang PVP. The type of PVP that I found delivered a feeling that I never had with any other game. I was able to move up to a Director and then second in command and I was hooked, EVE Online was my game.

Building my Legacy:
After the introduction of Citadels, the tone of Faction War changed dramatically. When alpha clones were introduced, the enemy Caldari State scooped a lot of the incoming player base and began to burn the war zone. In an attempt to turn things around for the Gallente Militia, Myself, Kontraband Venning, Zouren Mamba of XMETA and Ashterothi CEO of Aideron Robotics got together and formed Federation Uprising (FEDUP). Our goal was to breathe life into Low Sec and Faction War, embrace new players, and focus on bringing to our members a wealth of PVP gameplay that only Faction War can offer. Today a year later, we have grown to over 800 members, as of March 12th 2018, the largest alliance in faction war and even ventured into NULL sec holding SOV against multiple attempts at eviction.

Thank you for your consideration, you can find me on Discord

Or in Game, Also I will be in Iceland for FANFEST!

I would love to hear all of your ideas and input

See you in your pod :wink:

Silver Suspira


Absolutely great candidate, EVE needs a CSM candidate like Silver to represent Lowsec and Faction Warfare, two vastly underrepresented parts of the game. It’s time for more than null power blocs to get their way.

He had a vast amount of experience and he knows his stuff, vote for Silver :slight_smile:


The big question: What do you plan to do on the CSM assuming that changes to Lowsec and Faction Warfare are not really on the roadmap for the next year?

Representation for these communities is great, but if it’s not on in the plan to be looked at and changed there’s nothing you can really do about it. Why should we have a CSM dedicated to those things, as opposed to some of the people we have seen in the past that may be from the large null blocs, but have shown themselves quite willing to listen to players from other communities and raise their concerns to CCP?


I am very much able and willing to represent all forms of game play. I am very much a student of the game as a whole. I am very much aware of game mechanics in all aspects of EVE Online. So while my main goal would be to be the voice of low sec, I am very well qualified to represent players of alternative game styles and able to offer good value to CCP. At FEDUP we strive to embrace and support all modes of play in EVE Online including NULL Sec SOV where we have a foot print as well as high sec.


You didn’t really answer how you would do any of that. Let alone, how you are better qualified to do it than anyone else. How can you do it better than the people that are active in numerous different aspects of the community?

And holding 6 systems that no one else really cares about is hardly much to write home about when it comes to null sec sov, tbh.


I would say to you my friend that I am very active in the EVE Community. Eve is a big place, however I have appeared on multiple pod casts covering a wide variety of topics that can be found on crossing zebras. In game I interact weekly with many different organizations covering everything from PVP to commerce. I am as much in touch with the game and up on current challenges as any candidate would be.
Where I would succeed is in using my real life ability and experience in networking to reach those across the game, take in feedback and formulate constructive feedback to CCP.


I wouldn’t say that the passion that Silver has for this area is a detriment in any way. And honestly, I don’t think CCP is putting FW AND LOWSEC both on the backburner by any means either… That is a pretty big assumption that they would ignore a huge player population like that. In fact, one might argue we need to look at the history (or present) changes to see where exactly their focus lies. For example, they’re still making changes in the most recent update to how jump fatigue works, fleet commanding ships that are dedicated for FC’s to stay in the fight, and their CONSTANT focus on re-balancing ships certainly isnt because they need to be more fair for PvE… It would seem they are doing all that for FW and PVP/LOWSEC. #CCPcares

Lowsec and FW are on CCP’s frontburner sir, why are you trying so hard to take that away?

Thanks for the campaign Silver, I have always appreciated your leadership and content in game, and I know you can do a great job as a CSM.




As someone who has spent a few years now in factional warfare as a high profile personality, what would you identify as the 3 greatest problems with FW at the moment?

What, in your opinion, are the causes of FW tier manipulation and its possible (low development time) remedies to the pendulum as seen in the southern warzone?


Oreb thank you for the question,

#1 Issue in FW at the moment is driver for conflict. Like a lot of systems in EVE today there is not a great enough reward to go on the offense. We used to use the lock out of station docking as a nice driver, and thats still in place some what with mission stations. But now that we have the citadel mechanic, taking a system in an effort to lock the opposing faction out of the station really is not relevant any more.

#2 Related to #1 the LP reward system needs some work. You fight to take as much of the war zone as you can, which pushes how much you get paid in LP for Faction War Activities up. Before long, your fellow militia people are running missions like crazy and plexing. Two things happen, you run out of system to offensive plex, causes farmers to want to flip as defensive plexing doesn’t pay as much. The second thing is the value of the controlling faction drops in value as the LP items you can buy flood the market. again causing people who are playing Wallets on line to look to flip. So take the current status of the gal/cal war zone, the Gallente are allowing the Caldari to push pretty much uncontested on purpose, so that the Gallente LP value has chance to climb back up in value.

#3 The plex mechanic itself. Now dont get me wrong, I am in favor of keeping the Faction War complex more or less the way it is. I like how it adds terrain to the map. But its too grindy in its current state.

So how can we fix this? I wont pretend to be a game developer, however I think we can look at re balancing the LP stores. For one the Gallente store has an advantage always as the Vexor Navy Issue will always be in high demand, The other factions dont have anything on par with it. I would personally like to see more generic items in all of the stores like CAP Boosters. Something thats always in demand but are not tied to a faction. Long term though we need a new reward system that will drive harder the want to control the war zone. I am open to ideas on that.

And lastly, I think CCP can look at similar changes that they just did with SOV. Increase the percentage gained per plex captured and reduce the time it takes to take them down.

I hope I have answered your question, I think it was a bit long. I am open to conversation on any and all of these issues.



In general terms, I would say you are pretty dead on with the issues here.

If we want coplexes to be taken more seriously, Citadel docking access rights definitely do need to be taken a loot at.

As for diversity in navy items and the prominence of the Vexor Navy. I am of the opinion that the problem is not the ship itself, but it’s functionality in terms of being to fully utilize this ship entirely AFK for ratting. Have CCP remove the automatic target cycling feature of drones and you will see interest in this ship plummet. So, I will contend with anyone that requests balance changes to the VNI in any way, rather than the actual mechanics behind the real issues that make this ships popularity in nullsec.

As for the adjustments to plex timers, and the scaled worth of novice plexes against larger complexes, that was covered very well during an old round-table for FW that took place a while back.

It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to be an expert in FW analysis or to be able to predict the impact of future changes. I’m not sure if you will agree that farming, in its most hurtful form to active pvp players in FW, can be attributed to two major things: Defensive plexing and FW missions.


Interesting thoughts on the Vexor Navy, I am not sure I have a major issue with “AFK” ratting in the VNI, its a decent way for a new bro to make ISK.

Youre spot on about missions, thats one thing I forgot to mention. I would like to see missions get a look and redone with the new AI with new and interesting objectives. Head shotting the commander and warping off doesnt lead to engaging game play. I would like to see the rewards for those go up in some way. It is very dangerous traveling to and from the missions.


I would like to see bombs available to use in low-sec, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be capable of being used. I don’t like restrictions in eve and I hope you won’t be arguing for them, just to make your life easier.


i actually got into a discussion about FW missions with St. a bit ago and he was proposing the same thing. Around about this comment. Saint Michaels Soul


My position would be to argue in favor of making EVE better as a whole


How do you feel about contests in fw passively going down if there is no-one around?

Might mean players would have to commit to assaulting a system.


Glad to see someone putting the experience and being a voice on Fractional war.

People will argue that this is a dead part of eve… but in fact this part is the one that hold down the new players in game.

I will love to see the discussions about important changes on this side of the game.



I am not sure how how I feel about that, I think on the one hand that might cut down on the defensive plex farming. It feels exploitable though, will need to give it more thought.


Everyone, I have a new EVE related Twitter, you can follow me there and my involvement in the community and in game. You can also contact me there on ideas or discussions you might want to have. Follow me at @Silver_Suspiria


My name is CaseyLP and I endorse Silver Suspiria for CSM 13.

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Arrr. Silver has the vote of Dread Pirate Paula - any nay sayers will be hung from the mast by their giblets. On a serious note though how do I vote for you mate?