Art Competition Winners

I hosted an Anime style art competition and here are the results:

1st Place: 1,000 plex prize and skins!!! Be sure to keep an eye out for more amazing work!

Isana Izanagi

2nd Place: 500 plex prize and skins!! Make sure you follow on twitter, and as the image indicates, BUY PLEX!

3rd Place: 250 plex and skins! You might recognize evemoedesu’s famous ship girls! Make sure you follow for more amazing artwork!

Thanks to all who participated!


those are neat, looking forward for more anime themed eve online drawings

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I didn’t know about it.
Not that I can draw like this anyway.

Can we see all the entries?


I am genuinely considering commissioning the artist of #2 for a custom pic.

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Sadly there were no other entries, however you can see various art from over the years here

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All of those are super nice, congrats !

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This has a lot of potential.

Man that site is badly made. Clicking the image, to get it in full size,
greets you with a window asking you to register.

*rightclick … open image in new tab*

Well, would you look at that!

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