Arthur's Star?

I noticed a glowing red supernova (top right of image) looking thing in the system Rakapas. Picture includes the Gallente nebula in the left for reference as well as the gate i took the pic from.

Dibs on calling it Arthur’s Star. this?
Thats a moon

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I have made a grave mistake.

I apologize.

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it may very well be one though, warp to the nearest moon and see?
Can you see it at different places in system?
Different Systems in the region?

Added moon to overview… its a moon,


I hereby rename that moon “arthur’s folly”.


That’s no moon…

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Its just a textured sphere.

That’s no moon…

It’s a trap!

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Don’t feel bad, man. Happens to all of us.

I remember reading a story of someone on reddit. He jumped through a gate and then spent five minutes looking for the gate. He was so frustrated, that he even petitioned in “stuck”, to ask what the ■■■■ was going on.

The reply was not as short as I make it look like, but it boils down to:

“Look up.”


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