As much fun as running into a gate camping bully is

Every game has to deal with the idiots assholes and bullys, from ultima to whatever version of wow is out now.

I actually like the eve approach, allowing for pvp with police in some sectors graduating slowly downward to no police at all.

The game does also seem to facilitate gate campers, whose real goal is to have fun at the expense of other players.

This could be easily solved by making warp gates work as entry points to warp, like the jump gates do, but instead of warping to another gate you warp into a random spot within the outer rim of the target system.

The bully’s still get to be bully’s, hoorah, and yet you arn’t giving them a fixed spot to wait and prey on some poor unsuspecting potential customer.

Just a thought from a new player on eve.

PS no I have not been killed by a player yet, just been playing games like this a long time and a bully is a bully is a bully. Kind of simple really.

Welcome to Eve!

Seems like an unnecessarily harsh judgement, especially from a newbie. Most everything you do in this universe is zero-sum and at the expense of others, the question is whether One can embrace it or remain a judgemental person. EDIT: You are explicitly suggesting “people who gate camp are bullies” in your title, which is an attack on someone’s character just for conducting an in-game tactic. That’s what’s unnecessarily harsh and judgy.

Perhaps try putting yourself in a position of risking death ten or twenty times first, then coming back to report? Otherwise, you’re really risking getting flamed by the forum regulars for being one of many people that think they know the game but haven’t really tried playing it.

A cheap frigate is enough to get into the pew pews – but a few folks here will try to suggest otherwise.


Sometimes fun, but they are farming ISK and it is quite effective.

Best approach is use WH’s to get around them, tedious and not consistent, but doable, you can also check when they are active or blow up their bubbles and stuff… Another way is to use filaments to get out.

I used an alt and jumped into nullsec from hisec to see what would happen, bubble applied followed by boooom followed by another booooom and I was back in a station. But I knew it was going to happen so it was an Ibis and a blank clone…

There are bullies in this game without any doubt, however most of them are incompetent low effort and not up to much, running rings around them is the fun part. Though you do come across some that are really skilled and difficult, but a challenge is a challenge.

Oh and welcome to Eve, I call this a torture survival game, your enemy are the players and most important of all, unbalanced mechanics that apply the real pain and in my view deliberately so.

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Welcome to EVE!

People who shoot you aren’t necessarily bullies; they’re just playing the game as intended.

I’m glad to hear you have not yet been killed, keep it up! (Eventually everyone dies, I regularly do, so don’t take it too hard once you do.)

There are tricks you can learn to minimise the chance you get killed after jumping through a gate, I suggest you learn those before you come with game-changing suggestions.

You know what? Try it yourself, with or without group: sit at a gate and try to catch and kill people who come through.

Maybe you’ll see you like this type of gameplay. And even if you don’t, you’ll learn all the tricks people used to avoid getting caught.

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So… you’re “new” and “haven’t experienced it yourself yet” yet you make a post not 10 days after starting to play (uhuh) about how things are and understand how gate camps work, in EVE.


That’s because you have a victim mindset and view the problems/difficulties players have in game as an issue CCP should solve…….And not something that players can tackle themselves through their own agency.

I suppose its a bit better than telling players avoiding being ganked is “IMPOSSIBLE”. So we can call that progress at least :slight_smile:


Picture this:

Deep in the dark bowels of CCP’s fortress of darkness, Evil GM 1 is hunched over his computer, red lights create an ambiance of blood and darkness. There is a gurgling sound, a putrid smell envelops the room. On the walls hang whips, chains and various different torture devices that I will not explain as the dreaded ISD will come and remove my post… A large portly man with unkempt hair and beard is chained to the wall, stuck to his forehead is a pink sticker with carebear written on it.

Evil GM 2 sits back from his screen, he takes a drink from a flagon of red frothy liquid and lets out a deep sigh followed by a loud belch, red liquid drips from his rancid chin.

The door opens, in comes a bespectacled man. "My lords, I have toiled mightily night and day and I have come up with a new system for nullification that requires that holy grail of player interaction and will result in less certainty. The Interdiction nullifer.

Evil GM 1 and 2 look at the details their red eyes gleaming, satisfied gurgling comes from deep in their guts. The bespectacled man goes green at the smell and he begins to sweat.

“Very good, excellent work, however there may be an issue.” Says Evil GM 1.

“Those carebear players may have a way to minimise risk to unacceptable levels even with this.” Says Evil GM 2 At the sound of the word carebear the player chained to the wall lets out a scream of fear, then goes silent.

“I don’t understand?” The bespectacled man says.

“A standard Blockade Runner fit, with an ECM burst, they can use the interdiction nullifier module to get out of the first bubble, but if they arrive in the second the stop bubble, they can then apply an ECM burst and burn away and cloak if they are good.” Says Evil GM 1.

“If they are good?” Says Evil GM2…

“I know, I have a cunning plan, you will place a flag on the nullification module so that it does not work if an ECM burst module is fitted.” Says Evil GM 1.

Evil GM 2 cackles in delight at the idea. “That will teach them!”

“OK I will add that to the patch notes.” Bespectacled man says looking at the floor trying not to catch sight of their reddened eyes.

“Belay that order man, you will say nothing, just think of all those dumb carebears that will die to this.” Says Evil GM 1, his red eyes gleaming, bloody froth on the side of his mouth. The chained man lets out another scream at that dreaded word.

Evil GM 2 bows down in front of Evil GM 1, in awe at his evilness.

Who broke Tom Clancy?

Believe it or not, but this was actually somewhat the case back in the super early days of Eve, while still in Beta I recall.

Jumping in a system meant your entry point could be anywhere randomly placed inside said system.

Wouldn’t really make sense to gatecamp in that case however, except with warp bubbles, but those came later.

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I’ve killed a blockade runner that got caught because of that!

Anyway, there’s no need for an ECM module anymore on blockade runners now that they can be interdiction nullified as it is practically impossible to catch a well-piloted blockade runner nowadays.

By the way, did you know not only the ECM burst module, but also the higgs anchor disables interdiction nullification?

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No I did not know that, but thanks for the heads up.

Hi, gate camping bully here. Welcome to EVE. Habe you ever visited sunny PF-346? :eyes:

NPC’s are the real bullies in New Eden.

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Is there something wrong with this?

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Use filaments.

Also see EVE - Check before you jump!

Eve is a game where apps are really very helpful to existential survival.

Unfortunately it is also a game where the biggest blob wins and multi-boxing is rampant, but, you cannot change that.

If you have trouble with that, I suggest checking ship kills in last hour and 24 hours on the in-game map. All camps should leave a pretty decent footprint. If you end up in one anyway, you can try burning back to the gate as the campers won’t be able to follow you through for 60 seconds if your buffer tank lasts long enough to jump.

Nah I’m pretty sure you’re the alt of the dude who suggested this same thing a few months ago :smiley:

Pretty sure its that same dude from before.

From this

To this

All within one sentence.

So I’m confused. Do you want game where pvp happens, to everyone else but you?

Or do you want some sort of dueling system where you get spammed with a zillion requests to pvp?

Help me understand. How can you like a game that is centered around pvp with varying degrees of policing action, but complain when you get caught in a low security section by gate campers and engage you in pvp.

That is how gamp campers pvp.
Other pvp includes: solo, small gang roams, coordinated ganks, large fleet involvements. And that’s just ship v. Ship.

Other forms of pvp include market manipulation, undercutting the sales competition, large buyouts.

I mean, what exactly are you expecting from a game that allows players to actively be in competition with each other?

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