Ask Doctor V!

(Valerie Valate) #62

I’m a professor at the university. Which is a position of some power, in academia at least. And it is a real place.

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(Solstice Projekt) #63

Wow! First time I’m getting an actual answer!
Everyone else always tries to be funny.


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Re; Eula
(Valerie Valate) #64

So, I check my mailbox, and lo and behold, there are some actual letters.

Let’s see what people took the trouble to send actual mail about !

“Dear Doctor V.
Have you seen this growth on my buttock ?”

No. I have not.

“Dear Doctor V.
Your advice is bad and you should feel bad.”

Hahaaa, joke’s on you. That wasn’t even a question !

(Solstice Projekt) #65

Doctor, Doctor!

When I press my finger here *presses finger against lower arm* it hurts! When I press here *presses finger against ellbow* it hurts! When I press here *presses finger against knee* it hurts too! Everywhere I press against, it hurts!!

What’s wrong with me? D:

(Valerie Valate) #66

Your finger is defective. If it’s a cyberhand, consult your warranty, because that sounds like something that should be covered.

If it’s not a cyberhand, consult a physician.

(Solstice Projekt) #67

Thank you, Doctor V! The physician cut off my finger and now, no matter where I press the stump against, it doesn’t hurt anymore! :blush:

(Gosakumori Noh) #68

Should a lady turn to the Thorax or the Exequror when she hasn’t an Armageddon handy?

(Valerie Valate) #69

The Thorax has more bumps and is more bulbous, but the Exequror’s extra handles give you more control.

So it’s more a question about what you’re wanting to do, rather than a question of which is better.

(Gosakumori Noh) #70

Yes, yes! You have it exactly right, darling! I was just telling the Duchess Dowager it isn’t necessary to always fly flat and straight.

The Cluster is blessed to have a soul as contemplative as yours guiding it.

(Arrendis) #71

Dr. V;

Why are you obsessed with bunk?

Off-Topic Thread
(Valerie Valate) #72

I don’t think I am. Do I use the word “bunk” a lot ?

(Arrendis) #73

In the last 24h, you’ve used it more than anyone else on the IGS!

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(Valerie Valate) #74

I used it once. :thinking:

(Cain Aloga) #75

Which is one more than any one else on the IGS in the last 24 hours

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(Arrendis) #76

I think you should check again.

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(Valerie Valate) #77

I might say “must you be so pedantic”, but we both know that’s about as productive as asking a slaver hound why it goes around naked all the time.

I’m not going to give you an opportunity to say “thrice” though. Bad things happen when people use that word gratuitously. Ask Graelyn about it.

(Iceacid Frostpacker) #78

Dear Doctor V

Would it be okay to dedicate my 2nd account to my Dog who is my best friend?

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(Valerie Valate) #79

Of course ! A dog is of course, man’s best friend after all.

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(Arsia Elkin) #80

Dear Doctor V,

What would you do if a creepy self-important Sani Sabik quack ‘doctor’ sent you creepy letters making sexual advances towards you?

(Lunarisse Aspenstar) #81

I’d suggest you war dec them. But at present, the known population of creepy self-important Sani Sabik quack ‘doctors’ are limited in number and apparently war-dec immune,