Ask Doctor V!

(Arrendis) #82

Dear Doctor V;

If you wanted to permanently kill a specific capsuleer, how would you do it?

(Valerie Valate) #83

Oh, there’s lots of things you could do in that situation. Try luring them in and then stab them with pointy things. That should put them off. Or you could try not flirting with them in The Summit. Or you could just mention already being in a relationship, and they’d be so embarrassed they’ll never mention it ever again.

Well, that’s a thinker, isn’t it ? What with the whole thing about clone facilities being some of the most hardened and secure establishments in all of New Eden. And all those CONCORD rules about stuff and things, that are all about preventing unauthorised access to the cloning & capsule systems of any given capsuleer.

Really, the only method I have seen that has ever had any success, is to fill them with so much shame and self-loathing, that they cancel all their clones and commit suicide. But even then, sometimes, they can return - see Ameriya as an example of someone who committed suicide but came back. Or, in the case of say Anyanka Funk, they somehow manage to float around in the proverbial ether, despite having left the material realm.

So, I’m not sure that what you ask is even possible.

(Nauplius) #84

Dear Doctor V,

What type of demon would you summon to protect yourself against someone who wanted to kill you permanently?

(Valerie Valate) #85

Well, probably a phantasmal slaver hound. The person wanting to kill you is probably Minmatar, and as such, would have a genetic fear of any kind of slaver hound. A Spectral Hound would thus be doubly terrifying.

(Solecist Project) #86

Dear Doctor V,

I’m Gallente! Do I too have a genetic fear of any kind of slaver hound? :blush:
If no, can I kill him? :smiley:

Yours truly,

((i love this thread :D))

(Gosakumori Noh) #87

Oh. My. God! A phantasmal slaver hound! I must have one.

I could probably modify my infomorphic electric Athran karakul… First super project, that. It was difficult to load up all of those wet mainframes and move them out of Araz. Why did I do that?

The spectral slaver hound would exploit vulnerabilities in optical cybernetic interfaces and track its victims through the router webs. That’s amazing!

Or maybe I could use these Triglavian strings I picked up on a whim.

Doctor Valate, would an infomorphic or Triglavian wicker Spectral Slaver Hound be more terrifying?

(Valerie Valate) #88

I’m not sure that Gallente have a genetic fear of any animal. And you’d run into the same issues as I mentioned before. I don’t think there’s any real way round those.

Probably an infomorphic spectral hound. Since then it could manifest itself in the cybernetic realm as well as the supernatural, and do stuff like leap out of any nearby data device.

(Gosakumori Noh) #89

Oh. My. God. I’m on it. I wonder if I could work infomorphic spectral hounds into my Triglavian Hat Maze. I’ve cleaned up some bugs and added laser beams. Excuse me, “disintegrator rays.” Which elevated a whole new group of bugs into prominence.

But Oh. My. God. A spectral slaver hound simulation.

You could be a naked Sebiestor trying to escape from the infomorphic spectral slaver hound; or the spectral slaver hound tracking down the naked Sebiestor in an ancient catacomb…


Doctor Valate! Doctor Valate!

Doctor Valate, did we murder Silas and stuff her bloody body into a catacomb on Anath?

(Nauplius) #90

Doctor V,

How do you win back the affections of a girl after you’ve been foiled in your attempt at the genocidal extermination of all life upon her people’s homeworld?

Operational: Ending Life on Pator IV...with Triglavian Trinary Datastreams
(Valerie Valate) #91

Pretty sure the answer to that is “No”. Synthia says you were both at a different planet when you did that kind of thing. So not Anath.

Err, generally speaking, you don’t. It seems pretty clear that she’s not interested, so you should let her go. There’s some phrase about if you love someone let them go, if they love you they’ll return, if they don’t, then they won’t.

So, let her go, and cease trying to impress her by making planets explode.