[ASSEE] Astrosphere - Mature, small close knit group looking for new pilots!

Astrosphere is a small group of players looking for new members to make friends and enjoy eve with. We only do the things we know atm but! we are always open and willing to learn new activities in EVE.
We also need players that can help build this corp but we need to know you a “little” better first.

We do

  • Mining
  • PVE
  • Missions
  • Abyssal
  • Exploration
  • Industry
  • Escalation

We offer

  • BPO Library of almost 400 BPO’s with Free BPCs on request.
  • Small but decent Ship Hangar.
  • 280 Corp Ship fittings.
  • We own a Athanor with access to moon mining.
  • Small close-knit player group.
  • Real Life comes first understanding.
  • Tax 5% (we want the tax to be as low as posible but we need the ISK for fueling our Athanor).
  • A chance to make new friends to play with.
  • Ability to take roles in the corp and build a name for yourself.


  • Friendly and mature players
  • No-drama Attitude
  • Be self sufficient (we aim to compliment this with corp activities, but we’re not there yet)
  • No Timezone requirement but being in EU would be the best at the moment
  • Ability to understand and type english
  • Be social with us! either on discord or in chat

If you require any further information or have any questions please reach out to: Sub nevoon

If this sounds like your idea of a good time then apply today!
PS! write a little about yourself in the application, not just “hi, i like goats”

Still looking for new meat! :grin:

Still recruiting!

Who wants to be the next “new guy?”

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top floor please!

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